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"Are you sure this is were the file came from?" I ask Nat as I snatch away her tracking device.
She looks over at me confused."Yeah, the file came from these coordinates."

Steve looks over at the sign on the fence."So did we."

Steve was trained here at this camp for the project Rebirth and I was trained here by Peggy after my accident with the serum.

"This is a dead end." Nat waves around her tracker.

I nod in confirmation as I walk around trying to find signs of another presence." Zero heat signature, zero waves, not even radio."

"Whoever wrote the file must have used a router to throw people off." Nat says as she waves around her device once again.

Steve notices something off about one of the buildings ahead of us. "What is it?" Nat asks as we walk over to the building.

"Army regulations forbid storing ammunition within five hundred yards from the barracks." Steve mutters.

I look over to Nat to clarify the answer."This building is in the wrong place." She nods and Steve smashes the lock with his shield and we enter inside, when they turn on the lights I notice it's a S.H.I.E.L.D office.

"This must be were S.H.I.E.L.D started." Steve whispers as we walk around the building.
Why would the file tell us to come to an abandoned office, not to mention it's practically an ancient building.

We enter a room where we find old framed portraits of Howard Stark, Peggy and Col. Chester Phillips. Nat looks over to us proudly "There's Stark's father."

"Howard." Steve answers with a faint smile. "Who's the girl?" Nat nods over to Steve but he doesn't reply and turns away to walk further down the room. I look over to Nat then back at Peggy's portrait. The look of regrett is plastered all over Nat's face and I just walk away without saying a word.

I'm not being rude, it's just that Peggy and Howard were good friends of ours and Peggy was Steve's first love, so she's a sensitive subject to talk about.

I clear my throat rather loudly and awkwardly. "So what exactly are we looking for? This place is empty. There's nothing much to look at, only dusty chairs and empty desks."
Nat looks over at me after opening a few empty cabinets. "Not really sure."

Steve lets out a frustrated sigh."There's gotta be something."

I hear a slight air current on the wall across from me."Maybe there is." I tap on the shelf and hear the vibration echoe through an empty space before it changes its echoe somewhere else.

"If you're already in a secret office."Steve pulls one side of the shelf and I pull the other side. "Why do you need to hide the elevator ?"

"Was this place like this back when you were here ?" Nat asks us. "Yes, we knew because the government shared all of their secrets with us." I answer sarcastically and Nat glares at me. "No, of course not. S.H.I.E.L.D didn't even exist back then."

"Wow,you guys are old." She snikers as she waves her device over the keypad and it displays a holographic code. We step into the elevator after putting in the code.The elevator takes us down towards yet another old room, except this one is full of old computers.

Nat looks around the room confused."This can't be the data-point, this technology is ancient." As I look around I notice a small black-shinny flash drive port. I tap her shoulder and nod towards it. "That's not."
She places the flash drive in it which then activates the ancient computer in the room. Yeah, this place is completely ancient, just like Steve and I.

Suddenly the computer turns on and it starts talking." Initiate system?" Natasha types using the old dusty keyboard singing "Y-E-S, spells yes." Natasha smiles as the old computer starts to crank up. "Shall we play a game?" She turns to smirk at us. "It's from a movie that..."

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