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Once the snacks were made for naruto and menma sasuke and sasukie went upstairs to see naruto and menma were fully dressed as sasuke walked over to naruto "OK so who's gonna go first" sasukie asks.

"Sasuke and naruto can go first" menma says as he grabbed the color chart. "OK let's do this now" sasukie  says as sasuke and naruto stand around the mat waiting.

"Sasuke left foot on blue"

Sasuke nods ashe does so and looked at Naruto who was wagging his 9 tails happily.

"Naruto right hand red"

Naruto gets on his hands and knees and does what his told.

"Sasuke left hand green"

"Sure why not" Sasuke says as he does so and looked at Naruto who was looking at him to as the kitsune smiles at the uchiha.

"Naruto right foot yello"

Naruto follows the instructions.

Time skip

Sasuke and Naruto weren't giving up yet as naruto was blushing a bright red as he looked down as Sasuke as he was on top of the uchiha who didn't seem to mind what was going on.

"Sasuke left hand green"

Sasuke nods as he does so as he stayed calm though on the inside he wanted to kiss naruto but was holding back since he wasn't sure if the fox had the same the same feelings as him.

"Naruto left foot yellow"

Naruto looked up at menma who was sitting down holding the color board before nodding as he looked down as he moved his left foot to yellow but if you know what was going on you'd understand how uncomfortable and embarrassed naruto was as Sasuke looked at naruto "what ever you don't more" Sasuke says quietly as he looked away.

"Sasuke right foot green"

Sasuke was having a fit in his mind as he nodded and moved his foot to green as naruto blushed lightly.

"How about we mix it up a bit who ever falls has to remove one piece of there clothing" sasukie says smirking ashe looked at Sasuke and naruto who looked at each other "good idea were all boy here so it wouldn't matter" menma agreed as he smiled "and who ever is the first standing butt naked losses" sasukie says as both naruto and menma blushed deeply and sasuke shrugged "I'm up for a challange" sasuke says.

As the game went went on naruto lost as he hit the floor but took sasuke down with him as they were tangled up together.

"Alright naruto you lost give it up" sasukie says as naruto decided to give up his socks.

"OK sasukie menma you two turn" sasuke says as they switched sides.

"Menma right foot red"

Menma nods doing so.

"Sasukie left hand green"

"You got it" sasukie says doing so.

"Menma left foot yellow"

Menma looks at naruto then does so.

"Sasukie right hand red"

Sasukie nods doing so.

"Menma left hand blue"

Menma lowered his ears as stetched over as his right hand was still in the air.

"Sasukie left hand yellow"

Sasukie placed his hand down as he looked at menma who was paying more attention to his surroundings than him.

"Menma right hand green"

Menma sighed as he does so since his arm was Tire anyway.

Soon things started to get more tangled and ruff but also weird as menma was hovering over sasukie but he was facing sasukie face it was the other end and sasukie was facing the same way as sasukie.

"Menma right hand green"

Menma blushes as he does so but blushes madly as he was now closer to the area he didn't want to be as his tail soon softly brushed sasukie nose as the uchiha sneezed falling on the ground.

"Sorry sasukie you lose now give up" sasuke says as he crossed his arms.

"OK menma naruto you guys go" sasukie says as he got up menma did to as he and naruto were ready for this.

"OK let's do this guy's" sasukie says as he was now shirtless.

(If you are all asking were I get these Ideals from I sometimes watch to much YouTube hehe :|)

"Naruto left hand yellow"

Naruto nods doing so as he looked at his twin as if trying to read his mind but that was impossible......or is it.

"Menma left foot in the air"

Menma was confused but did it anyway as he balanced sort of perfectly as his 9 tails went up as if to help him balance a bit more.

"Naruto right foot green"

Naruto does so.

"Menma right hand blue"

Menma nods as he puts his hand on blue while still using his tails to keep his balance.

"Naruto left hand red"

Naruto nods as he does so easily though his tails started to rise slowly.

"Menma  left hand yellow"

Menma does so.

Minutes later Naruto and Menma had there tails tangled together along with being tangled themselves as sasuke and sasukie looked at each other surprised then back at the two who were now in tangled with each other.
But they weren't gonna last long though as they both fell and his the mat at the same time.

Sasukie and sasuke had to untie the two from each other but that wasn't an easy task though but after sometime they finally did it.

"You two ok" Sasukie asked as the two foxes nodded "let's get cleaned up and watch a movie" sasuke says "ya let's watch a horror movie" Sasukie says and menma nodded in agreement while Naruto didn't reply as both his ears were lowered. He was now out of this world as he was thinking about something he didn't know what but it was important to him maybe something that did when he was younger.

Or maybe when he was turned back into a cub when he was 16 but it was something he was than pulled out of his very thoughts when he was tapped on the shoulder by sasuke "hey dobe what are you thinking about" sasuke asks but naruto just shrugged and smiled hehe.


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