"We should go to Magcon" I said to Jack, "yeah, we should" he said smirking, thankfully his bruise wasn't that bad so fans wouldn't ask about it. Then we both got a text at the same time from are big Magcon group chat, 'Magcon got rescheduled for tomorrow due to weather and safety issues'- Bart. "Well ok then" Jack said putting his phone away, then I got a phone call from Sammy
"Hey beautiful"
"Sammy, what's up!"
"So, Magcon is canceled sadly, but we still have the venue, all the guys and mahogany are down here already, come down, we have an idea"
"Sammy, what's going on?"
"Just do it"
"Your scaring me, but we will be down there in 10"
"I love you"
"I love you to"
I hung up and told Jack that they wanted us down there so we walked down to the venue, only saw a few fans but that's it. Once we got in there we were pulled apart from each other, I screamed out of shock but a big hand that smelled like Sammy's covered my mouth. He put me down and I heard other people with us, "hey Dani, so we are playing capture the flag, but obviously we can't see anything so that makes it fun, are team will be wearing flashing blue bracelets and on there team they will be wearing flashing green bracelets, are team is you, me, Jhonson, Hayes, Carter, Matt, and Aaron" said Sammy, so it's, team blue:Sammy Jhonson, Hayes, Carter, Matt, and Aaron, team green: Cameron, Gilinsky, Nash, Taylor, mahogany, and Shawn. "BRACELETS ON!" Taylor yelled, then I saw a bunch of flashing blue and green lights, "3, 2,1... CAPTURE THE FLAG!"
I ran around and saw the other teams flag, a glow ball, I was just about to grab it until someone tackled me to the ground, "ha I got the girl!" Nash yelled, I squirmed in his arms but then gave up, he carried me to there jail where I sat guarded by Taylor and Gilinsky, "HELP!" I yelled, I heard footsteps coming towards the jail and I saw a blue light, then I saw Taylor take off after them. Before I knew it I was in jail with Jhonson, "welcome to the club" "thanks." Eventually it was down to Sammy and Gilinsky, "Sammy!" Matt yelled, Sammy made a run for the jail and got Matt free, jacks main priority was to get the flag and not save people but all his teammates were telling him the opposite. Sammy got Carter next, "ugh Sammy, what the hell I've been here this whole game! Save me!" I whined, everyone laughed, even Jhonson and Hayes and Aaron who were in jail with me. Then Gilinsky made a dash to get our flag but Sammy dove and tagged him out so he went over and got there flag. "WHOOOOOOO!" Are whole team shouted as we hugged Sammy, "in your face!" I yelled to Nash, "whatever" he moped, "awe babe I didn't mean it" I said running and giving him a hug, he hugged back laughing. So even though no Magcon, still quite an exciting day!

Who do you want to see together, Gilinsky and Dani or Sammy and Dani, you decide in the comments

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