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my hand grazed over the gentle spot where he kissed me. the feeling still lingered even minutes after. my eyes landed on his tall, slender, muscular figure while he laughed away. his fingers grazed his hair as one piece fell gentle to one side. why was i slightly freaking? why did i care? i slapped out of my 'fangirling' world and hastily wiped away the mark that was really never there and spooned up the mac and cheese that dazzled on my plate. from some odd reason, i couldn't stop glancing over at that table, that overly obnoxious table of flipping sharks. of course that video didn't score me a seat, not like i would take it or anything, it still left me totally a loner. well, for 10 minutes i guess.

"maya mckay." that sweet, sweet voice.

"gabriel laceup." i swooned as the corners of my mouth tugged into a shy smile.

"surprised that you're not with your boyfriend." he smirked. i laughed and jabbed the spoon into my mouth. he kept staring at me with that famous side smile he always does.

"are you serious.?" the spoon dangled in my hand while my jaw dropped.

"first of all, he is not my boyfriend. second of all, i'm not an "important" person." i said definitely not quoting kassie. that was totally not sarcastic. those two sentence aren't sarcastic.

just kidding, definitely sarcastic.

his body exploded with laughter while his eyes shut tightly. he clenched his stomach until tears stopped rolling down from his eyes. i guess some guys can recognize shade when it's being thrown.

"chill, chill. i'm actually proud of you maya."

i arched my brow. "why?"

"i'll tell you right after you go over there and ask hayes out to do something for his birthday." the pressure was laid on me. i didn't care why gabriel was proud but the thought of doing that was a reputation killer. i shook my head.

"no, i don't think so." he gave me that look, the "stop being a punk, you punk" look. what was the worse that could happen? him laughing in my face? them all laughing in my face? him running away and barfing? wow, umm, those aren't so bad scenerios.

"if you're thinking about bad scenerios, you need to stop." he said sternly. thanks for reading my mind.

"he is not going to blow you off. he would be like over the moon if you do. let's just keep this between me and you because he never has liked a girl the way he likes you." he informed me, making me actually not so afraid. it sounds a little risky but i don't like him, well don't think i do.

"fine." i said from getting from my seat.

"forreal?!" he jumped in a perky mood. his eyes wide and smile all the way across his face. i gave him a stupid look and he straightened up. "i mean, go for it." he smiled calmly.

i nodded my head and got from between the sit. i turned my back from gabriel and put one foot in front of the other. sooner than i knew i was right at there table. everyone's attention was on me. some reason my mouth couldn't open- lost of words you say. i examined the table quickly until his voice stood out first.

"hey maya." hayes cheesed.

"h-hey." that noticeable stutter, kill me.

"what's up?" he stood, towering over me now. sweat began to form on my forehead and my pits. too much information? his glistening, blue eyes laid on my dull, brown ones. it was like oil mixing with water. i was total glued to them. i'm slightly imtidated by him, not because he's somewhat attractive but he's like a bleeping tree.

"i, um." i smile stupidly.

"take your time." hayes says as he rubs my arm. oh gosh, he's touching me. this isn't cool. it's totally cool but really shouldn't be.

"even though it's your birthday, i thought we should do something." i spilled.

"with gabriel too?" he questions. i looked over my shoulder to see gabriel giving me a nod of approval.

"sure." i smile.

"i wish i could but these losers had something planned." he points behind his back.

"heyyy!" they all yelled defensively before going into a full-out laugh session.

"maya, why don't you come." nash implied, showing his pearly whites. he sat next to a junior, aaron, who also agreed then everyone agreed besides the duo, taylor and kassie. kassie's jaw dropped and she stood up to protest.

"no, we didn't plan for extra weight to come." she grunted at nash.

"kassie, stop." taylor demanded. her eyes popped out of her head. that's a shocker from taylor. she gave him a death glare and he returned the same. ooh, a staring contest, a bad sign of a broken relationship. just saying,

"no, no, it's okay, i mean i don't want to be extra weight according to kassie." i ensured kindly but really i was two point five seconds from bopping her in her face.

"don't mind her, seriously come." queen bee, meghan gestured. kassie seemed betrayed by meghan and a little hurt but that's what you get for replacing a bottom-feeder with a queen bee. anything but a dramatic queen would of been fine but i'm a little insulted to be replaced with meghan.

"please." hayes pleaded, poking his lip out just a little. my hands placed on my waist as he stared, waiting for my answer.

"sure why not." i shrugged. a dazedly smile crossed hayes's face as he nodded his head.

"cool, we'll pick you up around 7." he informed. we both exchanged one lazy smile as my back turned to hayes. cheering erupted from the table as i walked back over to gabriel, the smile, suddenly wearing off.

"happy?" i huffed. he cheered.

"very." he nodded.

"7 o'clock." i whispered to myself as i picked at my cold food.

"i 'll leave you to your frozen meal. pick you up later." he scurried away, laughing.

my eyes followed him while my face just read a 'total confusion alert'. i shrugged it off as i scooped a spoonful of mac into my mouth until it hit. this was a setup.


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