Chapter 59

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Hailie was sure she hadn't been this tired in a long time. Her muscles ached. Her shoulder throbbed. Her hands were numb from the cold, and for some reason she just didn't feel like lighting a cigarette. She hadn't gotten a moment of sleep all night. She didn't know what was happening. Her heart was racing, and every single sound made her want to jump out of her skin. She couldn't calm down or relax, and that made her angry.

Hailie used the tree to push herself to her feet. The anger was just building inside of her. It was only a matter of time. She had felt the rage start to build up from the time Eli had gotten stung, and it had almost exploded when they were talking to Olwyn, but it hadn't had time to fester and now her anger and frustration was at its limits. She needed to hit something.

There was no solid stick around but there were many rocks.

Hailie took one in her hand. The weight was perfect. She threw it as hard as she could at the tree she'd been sitting against. The satisfaction was great but short lived. She wasn't even sure what exactly was causing her anger, but she had a lot of it just waiting to burst out.

She threw another and another and another.

"Did something happen while I was asleep?"

The stone fell from her hand. She'd know that deep voice anywhere. Eli was standing behind her, leaning against a tree, and for a moment she thought she had finally fallen asleep.

"Eli?" She let go a breath she must have been holding for a week. The relief couldn't be explained with words. The anger melted away. "Nothing happened. What are you doing here Eli? Why are you not lying down?" Hailie asked.

"And here I was expecting a different kind of reaction." He took a step towards her. She took a step away from him. He looked a little confused. "Are you sure nothing happened while I was sleeping?"

"Yes. I am sure, and you were dying, not sleeping."

"I was wondering," he said, ignoring the second part, "because you aren't coming close to me."

"Nothing happened."

"Celeste wouldn't tell me anything. All she told me was that you were fine. I had to see for myself. The last thing I remember was seeing you swim towards that jellyfish. I had to see you with my own eyes." For the first time since he'd made his appearance, and the first time ever, Eli looked tired and a little weak.

"I am fine."

"Then come closer so I can see you better and make sure of that myself." He took another step forward. She hesitated for a moment then walked towards him, put her arm around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. He froze. She couldn't believe she was doing that herself. After all of that "she brings death" stuff, she had resolved never to touch him again. So much for that plan.

"Is that better?" Hailie asked.

"Don't you find things like hugs uncomfortable?" he asked. "You always say you hate people touching you."

"I make exceptions."

Hailie had been trying not to touch him much since the welts must still hurt, but he put his arms around her and pulled her close.

"That's good, but you know hugs are usually done with both arms."

"I may have dislocated my shoulder," Hailie said.

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