Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

"Good morning, Miss Rhinehart."

Barnaby Cross came sauntering around the curtain separating my bed from my neighbor's. I immediately started glaring at him, anger spreading through me. Joshua slid off the bed, standing besides it like a sentry. He took on a protective stature that I loved him for.

"Mr. Cross." I answered bitterly.

He shoved his hands into the pockets of his khakis, clearing his throat. Next to me, Joshua grabbed my arm. I patted his hand gently. I can handle my new boss, but I appreciate his concerns. He cares about me. Best to let him get it out of his system.

"Now, Mr. McGallen, there's no need for any of that. I'm sure can take care of herself, even in her condition."

Joshua clenched his jaw, his hold on my arm tightening. He's wrong. I may be a spy, and a Nephilim, but I'm not indestructible. Actually, I'm far from it. Just like any other normal agent. Project N is just a, well, project. Nephilim is just a label. Angel blood or not, I'm as normal as any spy can be.

"How dare you! She, one of your best agents enrolled in Project N, has just been shot four times, protecting my younger brother, and if someone were to come after her right now, you expect her to fight them off as if nothing happened?! That's not right! She's not a toy you can wind back up whenever she's needed!"

Barnaby watched Joshua as silently  (and surprised) as me. Wow. I've never, ever seen Joshua this upset in my entire life. Not even the events during the summer caused him to be this upset. He grasped my arm tightly. I pondered on the possibility of Joshua ever taking this guy out. Unfortunately, it didn't look too good. Even executives of the CIA are trained (if not fully, then slightly) at the Farm. 

"What did you come here for?" Joshua growled.

"Josh-" I started, but he cut me off sharply.

"Ember, please." he snapped.

I fell silent and watched my new boss. He'd recovered from his shock, looking otherwise unfazed by Joshua's outburst. I sat back into the mound of fluffy pillows, my chest stinging when I hit a wound. I gritted my teeth. 

"Miss Rhinehart, I just spoke to Dr. Gill. He says, with your healing abilities, you should be up and ready to go in two weeks. You are to report straight back to Boston after those two weeks. Understood?" Barnaby said.

I nodded, not happy about it. I can't go back to college in two weeks! Like I said earlier, Nephilim strength or not, I'm not invincible. Gah! I didn't protest as Barnaby left, glancing once more at my venting boyfriend. Joshua fell silent, looking exhausted and like he wanted to strangle someone. Someone by the name of Barnaby Cross. I know how he feels. 

(Hey guys! I'm sorry I've been away for so long! My swim season just started up again and I've been crazy busy with homework and practices and whatnot. I have a three day weekend this week-mainly because of Columbus Day. What's even the point of it? He didn't really discover the Americas, he just thought he did. And he spread disease, enslaved people, all that stuff (my Honors Western Civ teacher went on a tangent with this) Either way, I still get a day off from school-and I won't be on tomorrow because of a thing I have to do for my band class. Anyway, glad to be back! Vote and comment! Bye-bye!) 

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