Chapter Twenty Two

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Alex's P.O.V

"Izzy I have to say something-" I started; wanting to distract myself from the brush off I'd just been given by Natalia. She'd clearly seen me walking over to her and she'd grabbed Stellan before walking away.

That had stumped me and if I didn't do something with myself then I'd continue obsessing over what it could mean. It obviously had something to do with what I'd told her earlier. Maybe she'd finally decided that I was too complicated for her despite promising that she wouldn't give up on me.

Not that I blamed her.

Why would any girl want to get involved with me when my parents had already made their feelings known, and said parents were forcing me into a relationship with one girl to keep me away from another all because of skin colour?

Izzy looked up from pouring herself a drink having poured mine earlier, "I know why you're with me but I don't care, I love you and I'm happy to have you back so don't feel guilty. I talked to your dad before you called me."

This was so messed up that I still couldn't completely get my head around it. I guess I could live with myself now that I wasn't deceiving Izzy but it had me looking at her in a different light. She didn't mind being used, what did that say about her?

"Why would you get back with me when you know that it's not what I want and I didn't actually change my mind?"

She took hold of my hand and kissed it, placing it over her chest and I let her, ignoring how wrong this all felt, "I'll make you happy this time, I promise. Give me the chance to do that and you'll fall in love with me too."

I knew that it was unlikely as long as I felt something for Natalia but I said nothing, just looking at my 'girlfriend' and seeing the hope in her eyes. An hour later I was still stood by Izzy's side and trying to make conversation with both her friends and my own but my heart wasn't in it so I leant down to tell her that I wanted to leave.

I paused though the moment I looked around the large room and found a curly head that looked extremely familiar. I hadn't seen her since she walked away and it was clear after only a few minutes of observation that she was drunk.

"I'll be back in a minute." I said in Izzy's ear so she'd hear me over the music.

She grabbed my arm before I could go and stood on the tips of her toes to reach me even in the tall heels she wore, "Where are you going?"

"We've been together all night, I need space." I told her before I left; the scene unfolding around Natalia on the makeshift dance floor grabbed my attention so I didn't wait to hear Izzy's reply.

She turned away which should've signalled to the other drunken guy that she wasn't interested yet he just kept on grinding into her. She stumbled trying to get away and he caught her, his grip on her arm too tight for her to shake him off although she tried.

My eyes narrowed and forced my way through other drunken people to reach her, wanting to rip him away only Stellan got there first since he was closer. "She told you to stay away from her and I would do just that before we have problems." I heard him say to the guy who just grinned whilst his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Stellan gave him a hard shove and he fell to the floor like a rag doll before turning to hold Natalia by the waist since she was close to falling too and leading her away. I followed, throwing the jerk a dirty look as he tried getting back onto his feet.

He'd taken her upstairs and into an empty bedroom which I reached minutes later only to find him with his arms around her in a hug. I ignored the need to push him away and controlled my voice so it wouldn't betray my thoughts, "I think she'll be ok if you let her go."

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