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Chapter 3: Pokemon Rescue!

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Last time on Ash's sister...

"So you're Ash's friends in Hoenn, right?" May said, "Yes, why you-" Pikachu was in battle mode and Emily asks, "What's the matter, Pikachu?" 



I was wondering why is Pikachu acting this way? Suddenly, a Snivy came out and I could tell this means it wants to battle! "Wow, A Snivy!" Max said. Snivy uses Whip attack and I yelled, "Pikachu, dodge it!" She did and I saw something else, a balloon came out and I said, "What the-" A Houndhour attacks us and I yelled, "Look out!" We got out quickly as possible. "Is everyone ok?" I asked the others. "We're fine!" I turned to the attackers, "What was that for?!?" A girl wearing a blue bandana said, "We'll just taking Snivy to do Mega Evolution." Mega Evolution? What she talking about? Brock said, "All right, Forrest, use Explosion!" The Pokemon uses the attack and Snivy was out and was in down in the river! "Snivy!" I cried as I jumped without thinking and getting Snivy out of the river. Brock said, "Emily, grab hold of this vine!" I grabbed the vine and May, Max and Brock got me and Snivy out of the river and Pikachu was worried about me. I said, "Pikachu! Sorry I worried you, buddy. Snivy, you ok?" Snivy was unable to respond, "We have to get it to the Pokemon Center, fast!" Brock said, seriously. "Right!" We ran to the Pokemon Center as fast we could. "Hang in there, Snivy, we're going to make it!" I said to the Grass Pokemon.


I can't believe how scared I was when Emily jumped into the river to save Snivy! I hope it's ok. As we ran into the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy was there. "Nurse Joy! I'm so happy you're here and I want you to be my girlfriend!" I knew that Brock wouldn't change one bit since I knew him. I pulled him on the ear, "C'mon, Romeo, let's go." Emily laughs and said to Nurse Joy, "Can you help this Snivy, Nurse Joy?" She said, "I'll be happy to." Emily seems to be relief, then we waited for Snivy's condition. I couldn't help think she might be a new trainer! "Hey, Emily, I was thinking about something." May said, "Max, what you asking her?" I said to my sister, "Sis, don't you see? She's a new trainer!" She looks at Emily with amazement. "Wow, are you really a new Trainer, Emily?" She asks her. She blushes, "Yeah, I am. I haven't really introduce myself. My name is Emily. Emily Ketchum, from Pallet Town. This is my new Partner, Pikachu. My dream is to compete and become a Pokemon Master." Pikachu said, "Pika!" We were speechless and May said, "Wait, I thought that Ash didn't have siblings." I rubbed my head, "Well, Delia, my mother kept me as a secret from Ash, and he didn't know that he has a sister. I was wondering what he was like, so I decided to come out and search for him in my Journey." May said,  "I think that's a cool idea! Max, how about we reunite with Ash and travel with him once more?" I said, "Wait, what about Mom and Dad? Wouldn't they be shocked that we might travel again?" That's when I hear Mom, "It's all right, sweetheart, go on a new adventure with your sister!" "Mom!" May said. "Caroline, hi." Brock said, greeting her. "Hi, Brock, I wondered when you be arriving. I see that you gotten a new friend." I said, "This is Emily, our new friend from Pallet Town, and get this, she's Ash's sister!" Emily blushes, "Do you have to announce that, Max?" Suddenly, the binker turns on. "I'm happy to report, Snivy is all right now." Emily said, "What a relief! Snivy how about you travel with us?" Snivy smiles and opens Emily's Pokeball and successfully claims it. "Wow, Snivy chose you, Emily. That's great!" May said. Emily scratches her head, "Yeah, but what were those guys were attacking us earlier? I never seen them before." "That was Team Aqua. But I wonder what they meant by "Mega Evolution?" Just like that, Emily receives a call.


I got a call in the Pokemon Center? Who is calling me? I answered the phone video and see Professor Oak! "Professor Oak!" I said, waving at him. "I see that you met Brock." He said, grinning. I said, "Sure did, and I battled him in a Gym battle and earned the Rock Badge." Brock spoke up, "I didn't expect that she was Ash's sister, Professor. She has the same abilities as her brother." I blushed with embarrassment, "Gee, thanks, Brock. Professor, I was wondering about something." The Professor said, "What is it, Emily?" I asked, "Do you know anything about Mega Evolution?" He rubbed his chin, "Mega Evolution, huh? No, sorry I don't, but there is someone who might know about it, go to the Kanto Region. Look for Sycamore. Professor Sycamore  would have all of your answers." I looked at my campions. "Well, ready to go to the Kanto Region?" Brock said, "Yeah. I'm up for it. May, Max?" The siblings were excited. "Yeah, let's go!" May said. I smiled and I'm glad that I got friends like them.

Author's note: What you think will happen? Will Ash and others meet Emily, Brock, May and Max soon? 

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