Getting the hang of things

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Well this place doesn't seem that bad after all nice friendly people around I could get use to this very quickly. "Hey Lara! So you all good with everything now?" "Hi Tara yeah I'm all good now so I'm guessing your here till 1 as well? Why are we open so late? It's like we're going to be serving vampires no one else would be crazy enough to come out at that time for like a midnight snack." I laughed and Tara just looked at me saying nothing. "So we get different sectors you'll take one part of the tables and me and Arlene will do the rest you can start of with the left side of the bar just take orders and pass them to Terry." She said and leaved wow I wonder what's eating her. I shrugged it off then started going round the tables taking orders.
It's now around 12:00am and it is a lot quieter not many people are in the bar now just around 5 people. "Hey Lara how'd you find your first day?" "Hi Sam it's been fine I'm getting the hang of this a lot quicker then I thought I would it's really easy here." "Glad to here it, it's always like this at this time so you'd probably enjoy the nights the most just another hour to go then your free to go home and relax till tomorrow talk later." He said and went back to he's office I have to admit it is really good at this time. I walked over to where Tara and the rest of the guys were talking. "Hey Lara time flies when you work hard eh?" Lafayette said. "Yeah it's really good here I feel like I'm fitting in straight away." I said and we were all talking about the town and I told them about my life some more and how I ended up here from England.
As we were talking some more I felt this cold shiver down my spine I turned around and sitting at the bar in front of me was this youngish guy with blonde short hair he was very pale and he had red rings round his eyes. "What can I get for you Eric?" Tara said and he looked at her. "Your seriously asking me that question after I've been in here so many times asking for the same thing over and over again?" Tara signed then walked to the fridge and got out a bottle of... Well I don't exactly know what it was but it said on the bottle tru' blood, she gave it to the guy he stood up and said a quick thanks looked at me for like a minute it felt like then walked over to the far end of the bar drinking he's drink I turned back to Tara that was shaking her head. "What was that about?" "Nothing to worry about I wouldn't talk to him if I was you he's no good for you sweetie." Arlene said to me, that's probably the kind of people Tara was talking about maybe I will keep my distance don't want to get on the wrong side of people especially seems so this town is so small and everyone knows everything that happens around here.
It was finally closing time I was happy that my first day was successful and not a screw up. The only downside about leaving off so late is that I have no car and got to walk home as Tara lives the other direction even though she begged me to let her drive me home I told her I am more then capable of walking 5 minutes down the the road it's not like I'm going to get kidnapped or anything after all everyone said there's nothing to worry about so I'm not going to worry about anything.
I said my goodbyes then leaved the bar starting to walk home I have to admit it is kind of creepy having to walk through a grave yard at night that's surrounded by a huge forest. Finally home I kicked off my shoes and collapsed on the sofa hugging the huge pillow. "Ahh it feels so good to sit down finally!" I turned over looking at the ceiling thinking about what's happened in the last day everything has happened so quickly that I can't even think straight I soon find sleep taking over me and finally falling in a deep sleep having a dreamless night.
6:00am. 6:00am! I am up this early I must be mad I don't need to go to work for another 5 hours. I woke up to a nightmare but I can't remember any of the dream, strange I know I can normally remember my dreams very well. Orwell maybe it's just because of the nightmare I probably didn't want to remember it anyways. I shook my head and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast I'm stuck on cereal bars until I can get some shopping done which reminds me I've got to ask Tara where I can get food and drink from.
After I'm done with my breakfast I get dressed and decide to go out for a little walk to get use to my surroundings. As I'm going out the front door I feel the cold shiver I felt last night when that guy walked in the bar. I looked around but no one was around the house I shrugged it off then started to walk around. I walked through the grave yard I stopped noticing something that I didn't notice last night walking home. A mansion, I walked closer to it but I didn't want to get too close in case someone did live here and didn't want me near their place. It looked so old if someone did live here they must be so old person who thinks they still live in the old days. I chuckled to myself then walked away.

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