Chapter 4

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Here you all go, the eagerly awaited chapter 4 of Winds of Change. As always thanks goes to my editor and you the reader as well as everyone who followed me here from lit.

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Chapter 4

“Let me guess… the dragons are coming.” Alanna said with a sigh. It wasn’t the best timing, in fact the timing sucked but sometimes that happened.

“Yep,” Dominic replied as he went to head off the group.

Alanna turned to study the group of men who were approaching them. At first glance she may have mistaken them for Da’Vaila as they were as tall as any Da’Vaila she knew and had the dark colouration of a Gephalim. However on a closer look she noticed that the parts of the wings she could see weren’t covered with feathers, but skin; and some had quite bright colours. Dextrous tails could be seen and seemed to move as if they had a mind of their own. The men seemed leaner, although no less strong, with more angular facial features. As they got closer the eyes became more visible and were un-nerving to watch.

Alanna was used to seeing eyes which didn’t have whites but in fact were black, Destiny and Crystal’s eyes were always the first to change but she wasn’t used to golden irises with slits for pupils.

“Go, I will look after him,” Tarval told her.

Alanna nodded and joined the group formed as the three men came to a stop before Dominic. Alanna couldn’t help but stare, as she took in the men. When she realised she was staring she bowed her head, “forgive my boldness.”

“It is no offense,” the man in the middle said, his voice was deep, which rumbled and cracked like an avalanche. “I am Dante Rock-fall.”

“Alanna White-feather, although I am more commonly known as Alanna Brave-heart here,” Alanna said as she held out her hand to Dante.

The three men looked at her extended hand as if they didn’t know what it meant. Alanna waited several moments but when it became apparent they weren’t going to take her hand she let it fall back to her side and glanced to Dominic for an idea as to what to do next.

“Yes…” the man to the right said, “your name and your deeds have reached even us in the fire heights.” His voice seemed to sing and echo in a way that called to Alanna’s wolf. “I am Draco Moon-wing, what was that thing you did with your hand?” he asked.

“A way of greeting that comes from earth.” Alanna explained and Draco nodded.

“You will have to forgive our manners, something came up and we were placed in charge of some young.” Dominic explained.

“It doesn’t matter,” the third man said and as a group they turned and left.

Alanna turned to Dominic, “Did… I… do something wrong?” She had actually met a lot of ambassadors and gone to a lot of state functions at her mother’s request and nothing like that had ever happened before.

Dominic grinned but shook his head, “that was how my first meeting went. Like you I thought I had stuffed up until they came to the markets when they were next at my keep expecting to trade. We quickly made room for them and they come back each time the markets are held Phoenix keep.” He explained, “I think the only reason they came here today was to meet you, they didn’t lie when they said your deeds had reached their home. They have always asked after you and when you came back I sent Remus with a message telling them you were back.”

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