Chapter 1

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I transfer to a school only for the rich. I don't like it. Why can't they just be normal and stop showing off their money or showing off they can't do make up themselves?

You want to know how this happen. I'll tell you.


I came home from my part time job. Because my parents don't have jobs or do anything. I saw a rich looking car in our yard.

"Did my parents anger another gang again? Wait just let them be killed this time or sent away."

I open the door and my parents were smiling creepily. There was a guy who had a bald spot on his head and was wearing a suit.

"It's nice to meet you miss Sake."

"Are you a gang member or a drug dealer? If you are you can take these two."

My parents glared at me. Besides it doesn't matter I hate them and they hate me so the feeling is mutual. He chuckle and look at me smiling.

Creepy and suspicious.

"No but I am here to offer you a scholarship to Bangtan High."

I look at him like he was crazy.

"If this is a joke cause I'm not being fooled right now."

"No this isn't a joke. We've seen your grades and want you at Bangtan High. We can talk in private if you want."

I was about to say something when my parents butted in.

"No this should be discuss with us too."

I roll my eyes. I went up to my room and close the door. I look under my bed and smile.

"You can come out now."

My little puppy came out and sat in my lap. The door open and then close. I look up and rested my head on my hand.

"So what did my parents say?"

"Don't worry I did a background check on you. I know they are your aunt and uncle."

"Good because saying them as my parents makes me want to barf in my mouth. So what's the real reason I'm going to that school?"

"Well like I said your grades. But also your officer in charge wants you to go undercover because some rich kids have been selling drugs or other illegal things. Including their family too."

"I'll do it but tuition fee and anything that I have to pay I'm not."

"Deal and the chairwoman wants to meet you on your first day."

Flashback end

There that is what happen but I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm a girl version and Korean version of Kudo Shinichi if you have watch Detective Conan of course I am Kim Sake. But I'm a private detective I'm the one who stays in the shadow. I don't like attention and would punch anyone who gets into my personal business. Also anyone who takes my precious things they will be killed.

Yes my aunt and uncle are my guardians on paper. My real parents left me because they said they weren't ready for a kid and will get me when they are ready. But I'm not those people who have hopes or dreams they will come and get me. I'm not stupid I bet they already have another child right now and forgot me. Sad world we live in but I hate them anyways I never did love them even if I have a picture of them. Besides what have they even done that I should be grateful for well except letting me be born into this world. Note the sarcasm.

Of course my aunt and uncle are well drinkers and horny ones at it. Of course they are also the violent drinkers but they are also violent when they are sober too. Yes I do have scars from them and I don't care in fact the number of scars is the number of times I am going to punch or kick or even slap them in the near future. Even my real parents if they show up one day. Each one individually on the total scars.

I walk to my classroom and people staring at me with disgust or interest. I even felt disgusted at some of their comments.

"Hey isn't that the rumored commoner."

"I bet she works as a prostitute seeing how poor she is."

"Then she must be desperate for money. She could satisfy me."

At least I actually work unlike you lazy *ss people. I even bet you don't know how to cook food. More like I'm surprise you people aren't fat well some of you. And I rather chop off your d*ck than satisfy you.

I walk to the office and froze at how big the office is.

My house could fit in here.

There was a couch, bookshelves, one office desk, a foosball table, a bathroom, and a dining table.

"It's nice of you to join us Sake."

I snap out of my dazed and saw a middle age woman sitting behind the desk. I bowed politely. She got up and walk over to me. She pinch my cheeks.

"Oh my gosh you are so cute. You are even innocent and pure looking. You have hard muscle so you must be strong, you may even be stronger than my son. Ooh you have such pretty hair I wish I could have it."

I move her hands away slowly.

"Thank you? But I am only here for my mission."

"Not only your mission. You will attend this school until you graduate."

"Excuse me?"

"Like I said. Your handsome officer even agreed."

Did she really call him handsome? Please tell me what I'm thinking isn't true.

"Sure. But there are times I have cases I need to go to."

"No problem. I told all your teachers that they won't count you absent and that you can take any test you miss during class the next day."

"How much research did you do on me?"

"Everything actually. But it was difficult to do since you have no social media and you only told your officer."

"Waste of time and I don't like being social. Who knows if they are rapist that are looking for victims to take? And my officer is the only one I trust well use to now."

She nodded and smile.

"Ok you better get going now. Class is going to start. And here is a picture of the student you are after."

He is very average looking but you can tell he has the bully vibe.

I gave back the picture since I don't to get caught.

"Oh yeah are you and my officer..."

She smile and cover her cheek. Then she started punching and slapping me.

"Don't, it is too embarrassing. And yes we are husband and wife. Now go."

I was push out and I rub the area where she hit me.

"She didn't hold back but she hits pretty hard for an old lady."

I walk to the classroom and everyone was staring at me. Well it isn't their fault I'm not wearing the uniform and I'm late. Also I'm not reeking of the rich feels these people have.

I sat down and people were whispering.

Let hell begin. *sigh*

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