Fifteen - You need to fudge off

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Fifteen - You need to fudge off

Aria's POV

"Oh my gosh!" I squeal, "I want to lick it!" I say.

"That what she said!" Grayson shouts, walking down the stairs. It's already morning and I think only Vincent knows it's my birthday.

I have no idea where he is though.

I get down on my knees and start feeling up the beautiful pair of shoes before me. "It's beautiful. I am going to sneak into your room and steal your shoes." I state.

"Do you even know my name, darling? You want to sneak into my room and you don't even know my name." the guy that Grayson calls 'M' says.

"I don't care about that, I want these." I state, looking at M and then looking back at his beautiful shoes. I stand up after planning out my mission for tonight.

Step 1: Find out where M's room is.

Step 2: Sneak in.    

Step 3: Steal shoes.

Very effective plan. It is honestly foolproof.

"So what is your name?" I ask M.

He chuckles, dimples showing on his cheeks, "My name is Master." he explains.

"What, but Vincent made me call him master...? I just call him cupcake though." I state.

Master raises his eyebrows, "He makes you call him master? Well, that's..." He taps his chin, trying to find the right words.

"Kinky." Grayson butts in, nodding his head and winking at me.

"Wait, wait, your name is Master..." I point out, "and you're a chef..." I say and start grinning, M and Grayson stare at me with confused looks, "Master chef!" I shout.

"Come on, how did you not get it?" I shout, exasperated.

They just keep staring at me, shaking their heads. I stick my tounge out at both of them. Just wait until I steal your shoes.

"Okay, I have to give you guys nicknames because your names are so weird. I'm calling you," I point to M, "Sugar." He is sweet and everyone wants him cause damn, that face is fine. Haha, like fine sugar.

Is that a thing?

I don't even know anymore.

"You're fudge nugget," I point to Grayson as he stuffs another block of fudge in his mouth and grins at me, "I don't even need to say why."

"That other guy that I don't know the name of is going to be Slim Shady, Vincent is cupcake, Daniel is marshmallow because he is so fluffy and cute and Cody is," I tap my chin, "a silent brother because he basically never talks." I say and grin, happy with my nicknames.

"Well I'm calling you Berry. I would say Barry but he is a boy. Barry like that adorable strawberry in cloudy with a chance of meatballs. That strawberry is the cutest thing ever!" Grayson says and squeezes my cheeks as I glare at him.

"You need to fudge off." I state and stick my tongue out at him. Grayson sticks his tounge out back at me and then goes up the stairs, leaving me alone with my husband.

M just laughs and shakes his head and his dimples show again. "I am presuming I have to give you a weird little name as well?" he taps his chin, "I am naming you Belle. Similar to the one from beauty and the beast because you are absolutely beautiful." he states and winks, rolling up the sleeves to his chef outfit and walking into the kitchen.

I follow him in, looking around. The big kitchen has white walls and white tiles and there is a fridge and cabinets and the rest of the room is lined with a long counter that has a sink, a stove, a microwave and other things built into it. There is a little island in the middle of the kitchen that has a cream coloured marble top. Everything is sparkling and fresh and the smell of cupcakes fills my nose.

It smells so good.

"Excuse me wifey, you're not allowed in the kitchen, nobody is." M scolds, pointing to the door.

I grin, "I like that nickname better." I state, climbing up and sitting on the little island. "Okay, wifey it is. Now get you're pretty little ass off my counter." he says, pointing to me and then to the floor.

I smile and swing my legs, too short for my feet to touch the ground. Instead of moving, I change the cupcakes- I mean subject. "Why does it smell like cupcakes?" I ask, sniffing the air.

M grins and turns around, taking a cake out of the oven, "I made my girl a cake." he states and I frown. Damn, he has a girl?

"I'm talking about you, numbnut." he states and chuckles, "Getting jealous already? You do realize we met yesterday?" M points out.

"I wasn't jealous." I say and stick my tongue out.

M walks up to me after placing the undecorated cake in the fridge, "Don't worry wifey, you're my only girl." he states and smiles, wiping some of the cream he had on his finger on my nose and lip.

I don't know how to feel anymore. I like Vincent because he is really hot and possessive and he knows what he wants and then I kind of like Daniel because he is so adorable and would be the best to cuddle with as a boyfriend and now I don't know how to feel about M because he is hot and British and adorable and I can't handle anything about him.

Seriously, he has those adorable dimples, a really nice smile, his voice is giving me eargasms every time he talks, he can cook and he smells like cupcakes! He's perfect.

I just need a room where I can just scream without people calling the police. The struggle is so real.

I frown and scrunch my nose, "Why'd you do that?" I ask and pout. I think there was cream inside the centre of the cake that he made for me. Did Vincent tell him it was my birthday?

"So I can do this," He leans down and kisses the cream off my nose and then my heart starts racing as he leans further down and kisses the cream off my lips.

He moves away and smiles at me and I just stare at him with wide eyes.

I think I just died.



This is Barry the strawberry btw...

This is Barry the strawberry btw

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