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This is just a preview of the book.

"Ayo Pac!!!" One of my homeboys said smoking a blunt.

"Wassup nigga!!" I say dapping him.

The club I was at was called Pure Night Club it was one of the most baddest clubs in California and me being the owner was enough credit.

This club was open of the most exclusive clubs around Cali an not to mention the woman was in here ever single night.

But it was about this one particular Saturday night that was different this beautiful woman by the name of Aaliyah walked in looking not only sexy but gorgeous as fuck.

I was just sitting in the VIP section with my crew and a couple of woman smoking an what not when I spotted this beautiful stunning woman this girl made all these other woman look like fools.

I watched her walk passed each man that tried to holla at her cause she looked like a different type of woman so classy an respectable knowing that's what a brother needed in his life.

So I stood up walking away from my crew an one of the girl's I had on my back down to see this beautiful young woman who had caught my eye.

So I stood up walking away from my crew an one of the girl's I had on my back down to see this beautiful young woman who had caught my eye

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When I made my way down there I walked up to her she was at the bar waiting on a drink so I walked up to her.

"Wassup Pac?" The bartender said.

"Hey punch pass me a vodka on the rocks please?" I say looking at him.

"What's your name beautiful?" I say smiling.

She looked at me and rolled eyes tryna act like she ain't hear me but I know she did.

"Ayo baby girl here's your drink?" The bartender said handing her the drink.

"Thank you?" She said giving the bartender a soft smile.

"So you do speak?" I say staring at her.

"Excuse me but I don't need no man like you tryna push up on me." She said before taking a sip from her drink.

"I ain't tryna push up on I just wanna know your name?" I say.

This woman looked at me an walked away leaving a brother confused.

"Damn....." Freddie said.

I gave him this look and he passed me my drink which I picked up an followed that woman to wherever she was headed cause I had to get that number.

The woman whose name I ain't no stopped an turned around to see me she gave me this look an took a sip of her drink, before walking up to me.

"Why are you following me, what's your damn problem?" She said getting in my face.

When I say ma was sexy even though she was mad she actually was pretty damn fine her eyes were the thing that got me they were this light green color.

"Aye ma I'm sorry but I'm just tryna get to know ya can't I get your number at least?" I asked looking at her.

"No where the hell is the owner of this club at cause I don't need no nigga like you tryna come for me w-" She said until I cut her off.

"I am the owner?" I say before sipping on my drink.

The woman was in total shock then got super red in the face from embarrassment.

"I am sorry it's just that I wanna know why was you following me?" She said looking up at me.

"Cause I think you kinda fly?" I say smiling.

She giggled and we continued to talk.

"Well what is your name by the way?" I asked a second time.

"Aaliyah.....Aaliyah Haughton and yours?" She said reaching her hand out for me to shake.

"Tupac.....Tupac Shakur that's beautiful name for a beautiful woman like yourself." I say shaking her hand then letting go to kiss it.

Aaliyah giggled an blushed giving me this warm smile.

To Be Continued.................................

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