no school today or tomarrow

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Sasuke and Sasukie where free from school as they didn't have any and we'll do they were free for 2 days.

Sasuke woke up first thing in the morning as he didn't feel like getting out of bed as he cuddled up to naruto who purred happily. But he knew he wasn't gonna be allowed to stay in bed as he yawned and picked naruto up and placed him on the bed before stretching out and went to go make breakfast.

Menma woke up as he yawned and went to get up but started to have a sharp pain in his lower back as he growled but remembered what happened last night as he blushed a deep red "that ideot" he whispered unhappy with what just happened last night before getting up out of bed.

He used the bed to keep himself standing as he limped to the bathroom as he looked in the mirror he saw a red mark on the place if we're his shoulder and neck met as he growled silent "he marked me" he whispers as he sighed.

Sasukie soon woke up as he liked at Menma who limped to the bathroom 9tails swaying as he did so "I'm gonna be in so much trouble with Sasuke and itachi" he whispers as he used both his hands to cover his face.
Soon he peeked threw his hands to meet face to face with Menma who looked grumpy "look in sorry I don't know what came over me so....." Sasukie was then cut off by Menma who just kissed happily as Sasukie was surprised before kissing back as there make out session became more heated than needed to.

Soon after some time they took a bath then got dressed before heading down stairs while holding hand as Menma hair hid the mark that was on him though he did limp a little bit but his walking was getting better though so it was ok.

Naruto was already down stair as he waited for breakfast to be ready his 9tails wagging happily smiling.

Sasuke just now finished breakfast as he sighed "what happened you two......sasukie did you break rule #1" Sasuke says as he didn't even turn around yet  "no" sasukie says as he sat down menma did the same as he just moved a little in his chair so he was now sitting on some of his tails as he softly bit his lower lip.

Sasuke sighs as he puts the plates down in front of the three as they got the same amout of how much they can eat as Sasuke fixed his own plate and sat down.

"Naruto no more ramen you need to eat more healthy" Sasuke says as Naruto pouted "fine" he says with a big pouty face but soon smiles and eats his breakfast.

Sasuke soon looks at menma who was eating slowly like usual but something was off as be looked at sasukie who looked back at him.

"OK that's it what happened last night you to why was menma limping this morning" Sasuke says as menma blushed and sasukie also blushed.
"We really can't hide anything huh" sasukie says as he sighed.

"No you can't"  Sasuke says as he growled "OK I maybe couldn't hold back and did what you told me not to but after a while menma broke free from me grip kicked me in the sumac than tripped on something in the bathroom and was mocked out so I took him to bed and that's why he's limping" sasukie says as both hands were together in a 'please don't kill me' way.

Sasuke sighs as menma nods "I slipped on a soap bar broke my butt and fa.............went to sleep" menma says looking down.

"You fell broke your butt and fainted from the pain" Naruto says as he tilts his head while menma just covered his face  but nodded Sasuke sighs "fine I won't tell itachi or kyuubi what happened though they might find out on there own" Sasuke says and Naruto nods in a agreement, "hey Naruto why do you smell like Sasuke though" "because I mixed the blueberry and the strawberry bubble bath together" Naruto says as he laughed "I knew there was something wrong cause the bubbles were purple" Sasuke says as Naruto started laughing "but it was a good combination though" Naruto says smiling as Sasuke rolled his eyes before getting up since he was done with his breakfast and put it in the sink, "your such a dobe" Sasuke says "teme" Naruto joked as he finished his breakfast and puts it in the sink before leaving with Sasuke.

Menma sighs as he looked at menma "did you forget to tell me that there were soap on the floor" menma says with a grumpy tone while sasukie nodded softly as he laughed secretly earning a punch from menma.

Sasukie laughed as he smiled happily and hugged menma lightly.

With Sasuke and naruto

They looking at  each other as sasuke sighed  "you sire you wanna play this" sasuke asks as naruto nods "yes I do" naruto says as he was confadent about it.

Sasuke sighs "menma sasukie you guys wanna come play" he called out as the two came running up to sasukes room "play what" sasukie asks "this" sasuke says pointing to the game.

"Sure that sounds fun" sasukie says smiling happily and menma just nods "ok" was his only replies as he looked at sasuke who nodded "wait who refured to this games" sasukie asks as naruto raised his hand while wagging his nine tails happily.

"OK me and sasukie will get the prize ready or I'll get tested prize ready while you and menma get the game ready ok" sasuke says earning a nod from every on before him and his twin leaves the room.

"Oh what the prize" sasukie says smiling "it's not for us it's for them don't you remember what menma favorite thing to eat was" sasuke asks as his twin nods and smiles happily nodding.


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