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Morning sun shining through the window was falling on me .

I was sitting on my bed. My eyes groggy from the sleep.

My knees were drawn to my chest while my hands were clutching my head.

I just woke up.

And I just couldn't slide this feeling of disorientation gnawing at me.

Something felt odd.

I expected to never open my eyes again. Yet here I was.

That dream I had...

That man...

Was it even a dream?


Was it just the figment of my lonely imagination?

It felt surreal. I had no memory of going to bed. I just had the last memory of being strangled. But strangely, I was wearing my night dress which I had no recollection of ever putting on.

It was just all so tumultiing.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as I heard my doorbell ring.

Who could be here this early?

I was inert for a second. But my stance was broken as I heard the bell ringing again. I scurried off the bed as I hastily moved to the main door. Well, I usually would be informed by Jens if someone had arrived. So it was rare for me. Well, I could only assume with confidence this early it could only be Jens himself.

I unlocked the door pulling it open. And I visibly stiffened at the person standing across me in a crisp black suit.

I didn't think I would be met by last night repercussion this soon. I thought it would be by the afternoon.

"Dad?" I finally found my voice as I dared to meet his amber eyes hardened at me.

He was silent as he stared me down. And I immediately stepped aside making way for him to come inside. He strode in without a word, straight to the living area. And I knew what it was about.

I followed him with hasty steps as my insides were fidgeting.

He turned, looking at me. And finally his eyes unleashed the ferocity as he half yelled at me. "What did you say to Trevor last night?"

I flinched as my eyes lowered. It had been like this all my life. My head hanging low as I would be standing  across him while he held the utmost disappointment in his eyes.

I was never a worthy child for him. And I could never be.

I inhaled silent breath as I tried to look his way. Muscles on his face were taut with anger and I immediately focused my eyes behind him. "That I want to call off the wedding." my words came barely out in a whisper as I braced myself for his next words.

There was a pause for a second before he spoke, "Why?" his voice suddenly overly calm as if he was trying to keep his anger at bay. Though I couldn't miss the harshness it held.

I was addled. He was asking me the reason. He was willing to listen to me. It was new. And I was apprehensive.

I tried to find my words as to what should I tell him. Tell him the truth or cover it up with some lame lie. Either way, was he going to listen to me? Maybe he would understand. After all, he was my father.

I finally looked in his eyes. They were glaring at me. But I didn't flinch back. I looked in them unwaveringly as he waited for the first time as to what I had to say. Maybe he did care. "Dad... Trevor isn't for me." I started with my voice turning brittle. "I just can't see myself being married to him. I can't be like this. I'm miserable with him."

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