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" I can see snow falling on our ship and suddenly it starts raining and then sun comes out." Piper said.

" What is it?" Reus asked.

"Khione,Zeus and Apollo. What that could be?" Annabeth said.

"Zeus and Apollo I can think." Hazel said.

"Zeus and Khione , I don't think will get along anyways" Jason said.

"Calypso is there any legend talk about this?" Annabeth asked.

"I cannot connect those three. However Zeus and Apollo can be because of Trail of Apollo because of oracle missing."Calypso said.

"Hey Percy and Jess went to Antarctica right? so Khione can be because of snow and all. Don't you think?"

"Shall we IM them to know if everything is okay?"PIper suggested.

"I think we must talk to Athena about anything happening recently between..."before I could even speak, it started raining.

We all looked up to see two yellow dots coming towards us at super fast pace.

We all took our weapon. What is this ?

After few seconds we saw those two dots as head lights of a bus.


"Apollo"Annabeth mumbled.

What.. A bus is Apollo?

With a bounce they landed on our ship breaking the railing .

"Hey"Leo shouted.

Thrown out of the bus came Apollo and Hermes.

They landed on the wooden floor.

"Ow...."they both groaned.

"You pathetic males." Guess who?


" Hey it's your sisters mistake " Apollo shouted back.

A knife passed by Apollo's ear.

" Said anything " Came out Thalia off the drivers seat.

" Thalia" Annabeth hugged her tight.

" Lady Artemis, Lord Hermes and Lord Apollo. What's the matter that three gods are together here." Jason asked.

" Be ready demigods, an army of monsters are coming for you all." Artemis said.

" Wow what a surprise." Leo said sarcastically.

Artemis growled as Hermes and Apollo laughed like mad people.

" I think you have a death wish,son of Hephaestus." Artemis said.

" Oh let me see otherwise you will throw me out of the camp because I cannot be your spawn." Everyone knew Leo was indicating towards Percy's situation.

Ever since he went out of the camp. Leo and Hephaestus cabin has been distant from the camp. It's like they have their own army. They are building things that his cabin never made in the history. Sometimes we get worried that after few months we may loose our real laughing Leo. He is all serious now. Calypso was also worried.
She once came to us asking for help but even we don't know how can we help her. Leo is all different. It's like he is scared that we may treat him the same one day and his words convey these messages pretty clearly.

Is Leo doing correct?
Guess what are the things you are going to see in next chapters!!!

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