Chapter 21

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MY BODY JUST seemed to love waking me up in awkward positions. As to be expected, I woke up being spooned by Ryder.

You know, this shit's his fault too.

Instead of getting up now and taking the blame for this one, I figured I might as well just go back to sleep. Time to let him be the one to wake up and feel like an idiot. Besides, it's not like I had anywhere to really be today.

It was almost like a silent alarm went off and decided to wake Ryder up just before I fell back to sleep. He shuffled around a bit before whispering a panicked curse under his breath. Just to make him sweat, I let out a small noise as if I were about to wake up and shifted. He froze in place and forcefully relaxed his body.

I waited a bit to see if he'd move again, but found his breaths had evened out. I twisted around to lay on my side with my eyes still closed so that I was facing him, palms against his chest and his hands still wrapped around my waist. I peaked an eye opened just slightly enough to see if his were closed or not, only to confirm that they were.

It took all of my willpower not to jump in surprise when he slid his hands around so that his arms were wrapped around me and I was pressed against him.

This was . . . actually sort of comfortable.

I mean, we'd already been asleep in this odd situation for half the night. It's not like it would do much harm to keep it going for a bit longer, right?

I tucked my head against his chest and shimmied closer to wrap one leg around his. I'd been pretty close to falling back asleep when the door opened and in came an excited looking Tyler. I winced as his expression turned from excited, to confused, to terrified.

"Oh god, please tell me you guys didn't—"

"No," I groaned loudly, the irritation and disgust at the assumption clear in my tone. "No, Tyler, we didn't."

It took a lot out of me to not laugh at the relieved expression on his face. "Thank God."

"God has nothing to do with it," Ryder muttered in a half-sleep state. Actually, I was pretty sure we were both half conscious. I mean, that had to be the only explanation as to why neither of us were freaking out, yet. "Look, as much as I hate this position, I'd still like to go the fuck back to sleep."

Tyler snorted at Ryder's comment. "Don't even lie to yourself, man. You've now experienced the majestic cuddles that come from Skye. You'll never wanna untangle yourself again."

Ryder shifted around and mumbled something that my cocky self chose to take as an agreement before tucking his face into my collar bone. He kind of reminded me a little of a young puppy when he was sleepy.

"Anyway, I'm glad you're okay, Skye."

My entire body locked up at the memory of last night. Things could have taken a horrible turn if that guy hadn't had at least some bit of decency.

Just the thought of what anyone else might have done under the influence, in the middle of the night, alone at a party with a teenage girl sent a shiver down my rigid spine. I could still smell the mixter of smoke, alcohol, and pot on his breath from being inches away from my face.

      "Don't remind me," I muttered. "I don't like not being able to take care of myself."

      Ryder must have noticed when I tensed up, because I suddenly felt the oddly soothing sensation of his thumb brushing in circles against my lower back.

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