spending the nights having romance and fun

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School ended for the day as naruto and menma had everything they packed and followed sasuke and sasukie home leaving all the jelious girls to watch in awe.

"Man girls these days some of them are so darn annoying" sasuke says as he growled.

(OK if your affected by this and you are a girl don't worry ok because I'm annoying so ya sorry and font be affended)

"Sasuke not all girls are annoying" sasukie says as he crossed his arms while naruto nods while menma didn't bother to agree.

Making it home naruto went straight to sasuke room as he smiled at the found memory he had.

Menma also had a nice memory of sasukie room as he smiled to himself.

Soon menma was pushed onto the bed as sasukie was crawling over here  "you know menma I'm happy you protected me from some people but who's gonna protect you from me" sasukie says as menma soon blushed a dark shade of red "sasukie your breaking rule #1 no sexual harassment to the kitsune or else your asking for punishment" sasuke says as he pops out of no where.
"Aww but sasuke" "no buts rules are rules and there were made by itachi so don't do anything stupid" sasuke says as he growled and left the two alone as menma felt a bit relived but also dissapointed at the same time though he was gonna get topped by sasukie ad really wanted, it but at the same time he didn't.

Sasukie got up as he sat Down and crossed his arms unhappy about it at all.

"Darn it why itachi made that stupid rule" sasukie says as he was disappointed.

With sasuke he was petting naruto who was on his lap purring happily "I love you master" naruto purred as sasuke blushed and looked away not wanting to make eye contact with the blond kitsune who was smiling up at him.
"Please don't call me master" sasuke says still not making eye contact "it's gonna happen either way I decided to call you master ever since I was a little chibi and when you started to take care of me" naruto says as he crossed his arms "don't make decisions of your own dobe" sasuke says ashe, looked at naruto who stuck his Rouge out at sasuke.

"Do that again and see what happens" sasuke  threatens naruto who jumped and nods.

Later in it was dinner time so sasuke was making dinner tonight for everyone "ok to ramen for naruto, ramen for menma, a tomato salad for me, and hamburger helper for sasukie" sasuke says as he then sits down.

"Daistakimas" (did i spell that right)
Naruto and sasukie says smiling before digging in asbsasuke nods and eats while menma also eats.

"Hey sasuke can we do how we used to" naruto asked as sasuke looked up at naruto "what do you mean" sasuke asked "like how you guys treated us when we were chibi sized" menma says as sasukie almost chocked on his sandwich and looked at menma as sasuke looked at naruto but nodded.

"I-i guess so" sasukie says in a grumpy tone whole menma at he had a demonish smirk on his face.

Once they were done eating sasuke and naruto went to go take a bath together.

"So do you still like the same bubble bath" sasuke says as he looked at naruto "ya" naruto says smiling "ok blue berry or straw berry" sasuke asks "um blue berry" naruto says smiling as sasuke nods and runs the bath water and poured the blue berry sented bubble bath into the water.
While naruto poured the strawberry sented bubble bath before putting it away then acted all inicet while sasuke put up the blueberry sented bubble bath.

"I saw what you did dobe" sasuke says as naruto had a fake smirk "what are you talking about" naruto says before being tacked ad tickled by sasuke as naruto started to laugh his 9 tails wagging happily. After sometime it was time for there bath and they both stripped before getting into the bath tub together.

Naruto purred happily as sasuke started to wash his hair with strawberry sented shampoo creating fome bubbles in the blond foxes hair. Soon he rinsed it and put conditioner into naruto hair then they switched roles as naruto started to wash sasuke hair with blueberry sented shampoo doing the best he could.

Rinsing sasuke hair than  putting conditioner.

Soon sasuke started to wash naruto's back earning a series of purrs from the kitsune as sasuke then touched one of naruto tails earning an embarrassing sound from naruto who quickly covered his mouth "you your tails are sensitive hmm" sasuke says as he smirked, while naruto blushed a dark red before starting to wash sasukes back.

After sometime later they finished there bath and got out sasukes drained the water and the two rapped  towels around there waist "OK narito come here" sasuke says as he picked up the blow-dryer as naruto walked over as sasuke started to blow dry naruto ears and tails earning a happy squeaked from the, blond who soon blushed "it'd ok you just love how it feels" sasukes says as he runs his fingers threw narutos hair as the kitsune looked up and smiled.

Soon naruto lowered his ears as he looked at sasukes and kissed his forehead softly causing the Uchida to blush lightly.

With menma and sasukie

Sasukie was just so disappointed as he rolled his eyes and pushed menma down earing a surprised squeak from the raven fox "what what are you doing" menma says as he was blushed "on know sasuke told me no but I don't wanna hold it back any longer than I gave to" sasukie was ashe looked at menma and kissed th foxes neck who let out gasp before kissing the raven fox on the lips.

"You know I don't think I'll be able to stop myself tonight...so let's have some fun" sasukie says as he whispered softly.


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