She's A What!?

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When I get to her house I see Cat's car parked out front. I park my bike and take off my helmet. When I knock on the door Cat answers. "Hi Jadey!" She says in her usual perky aditude.
"Where's Vega and don't call me that." I say. "She just left." She says. "For what." I ask. "She said not to say." She says. "Cat." I say sternly. "Ok ok she went to a CFC fighting match." She confesses. "Why did she go Cat." I ask knowing she knows more about this.
"Cat." I say again. "Ok ok. She's fighting a girl from Washington." Cat confesses. "Hop on my bike we're going to the fight." I say. "But Jade she said..." I cut her off saying, "I don't care what she said, I just don't want her to get killed." I say. "Do you like her Jade?" Cat asks.
Immediately after my face gets completely red. "And what if I do?" I ask. "I won't tell anyone I promise." She says. " Ok fine I like her now c'mon we have to get there before she gets herself killed." I say.
When we get there I see her getting ready for the fight outside of the octagon. "Tori..." I try to say before getting cut off by the announcer introducing them. I see a girl get in from the opposite side of the octagon after she gets in the ring.
The other girl is wearing red, white, and blue with stripes on her outfit. While Tori is wearing a blue and black suit with red stars on the gloves. "And now introducing the reigning CFC champion, Shelby Marx." The announcer calls. "Shelby Marx?" I question.
I see her get into the ring. "Knock gloves then go to your corners." The ref says. "Be careful Tori." I say worried. Midway into the fight Tori gets close to being knocked down. Then she knocks the other girl down and the bell sounds.
Cat and I start cheering and she looks at us. Her face turns to Cat and it goes red with anger. Cat has an apologetic look on her face hoping she'll forgive her. After the fight I wait for Tori and Cat outside.
When I see them come out I look at Tori and she looks away. "Tori I'm sorry for coming I just didn't want you to get killed." I say immediately regretting it. "Jade you were worried about me?" She asks surprised. "Cat can you drive my car back to my house I need to talk to Jade." She says. "Kay Kay!" Cat says and leaves.

I'll update soon. Love y'all. -Kira Stone.

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