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She was lonely and hopeless,
until he came into her life.

He cured her painful sadness,
although he didn't intend to.

She loved everything he was, but he didn't love her.

He continued to fake his love,
while her love grew stronger.

She knew he didn't love her,
so she had to let him go.

He came back to her though,
saying that he loved her now.

She believed what he said,
and she fell for him again.

He broke her heart again,
and many times after that.

She finally figured it all out, they'll never really work.

He learned to truly love her,
but he was much too late.

She told him she hated him,
they were never the same.

He acts like she doesn't exist,
and her heart is now scarred.

She didn't believe in love,
until she met another boy.

This boy had feelings for her, but hers were much stronger.

She expressed how she felt,
but she took it too far.

He lost the feelings he had,
and her heart was shattered.

She lost all the hope she had,
but continues to love him.

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