Chapter Six

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Cheers surrounded the outside of East High as friends greeted each other like they weren't only off for two weeks. Sophie stood by the fountain waiting for Troy to get off of his bus. She watched as Troy's best friend, Chad, dribbled a basketball away from her fellow cheerleaders.

Not all that interested in the game of keep away, Sophie turns back to unbraiding her hair; something she didn't have time to do because she work up late. At least she didn't have any last minute homework to do.

Hearing Troy before seeing him, Sophie focuses on his conversation with Chad.

"Troy! How ya doing, man?" Chad grins.

"Hey, guys, Happy New Year," Troy greets as he opens his arms wide.

"Yeah!" bursts Chad, "It's a happy Wildcat New Year! In two weeks we're going to the championships with you leading us to infinity and beyond."

At this point Troy and what Sophie calls his 'posse' have made their way to the fountain. Troy grins at his girlfriend before taking her hand and walking with her toward the school. His grin fading slightly when he realized what Chad had said before the usual chant of 'Wildcats' filled the air.

Sophie knew Troy loved the game and his friends, but not necessarily the pressure that came with being team captain. She hugged Troy from the side, and smiled up at him reassuringly, showing without words that she was there for him.

He kissed the top of her head in response.

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