chapter 1: missing you

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Craigs pov:

I hate it.

The way he looks at him.

He acts like hes just his toy.

He doesn't decisive tweek.

But why?

Why do I wish I was him?

I look away from the two and look back at my table and sigh as I take a bit of my pbanj. "This sucks" clyde wines. Damn sometimes he's annoying. " why. " I reply " Tweek hasn't sat with use for the past two weeks!"

I sigh and say " so? " like I don't care. But i do care. What am I saying I don't care i'm mother fucking craig tucker I don't care about anything. " DON'T JUST SAY 'SO' CRAIG! YOU KNOW YOU WANT HIM TO SIT OVER HERE " I glare at clyde and throw my cup at him, it hits his arm and he acts like hes just been through world war one and back.

" craigggg whyyyy " he wines. I flip him off. " craig you've been acting strange since tweeks gotten a boyfriend." Token joins in, great. Now both of them. " no I haven't. " I say
" yes you have! " clyde adds " guy's i'm the same as always, just feeling abit sick I guess" I lie, token just stares at me like he KNOWS i'm lying, damn he's mother senses. " is it cause you don't approve of kenny? " clyde ask before I can say anying token says " that's not it clyde"

Cylde turns to token " then what? " he says as he shoves his peice of pizza in his mouth " it's so obvious clyde " I just stare at him. " TELL MAHH! " clyde wines " he's jealous. " I feel my face heat up " I-i'm not jealous! " Clyde starts laughing " Ha! You so are " I look down so they can't see me blush " cylde. Stop! Im not. " " whatever you say dude. " clyde and token both smirk, I wanna fucking smack those smirks right off there facese.

But I can't stay mad at them.

They were right.

I was jealous. Very jealous as a matter a fact

Before me and tweek were "together", it started in fourth grade when the Asian girls in our school started darwing use as a couple. At first I hated it. But once I got to really know the kid, I started to really feel something for him.

But when seventh grade came around, everyone started to forget we were even a couple, so we broke up and told everyone we were faking. But as soon as soon as we did I realized my fucking feelings for him. Ant that fucking wonderful?

I did my best to say something to tweek, but me being a pussy, I said nothing.

And cause I didn't say anything.

fucking McCormick came along.

Hey guy's! I hope you like the first chapter! This is my first fanfic after all!

Im still working on the story line so yeah, thats pertty much it.

Epicmagik out-

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