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They both make it to Jimin's house again safe and sound

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They both make it to Jimin's house again safe and sound. They both walked in and Jimin found a note,

Jimin, I was called to work today I might come home late to day, dinner is in the fridge.


Jimin sighed and threw away the note. Namjoon saw that Jimin seemed bothered by the note, he just hugged him from behind to make him smile. More like it made jimins heart flutter.

"It's ok Jimin, you still have me here. No need to be sad." He said resting his chin on Jimins head. Jimin smiled and felt more happy to know that he's by his side.

"Want some pizza Or do you want go back out to the convince store to buy some junk food?" Jimin asked as the held onto Namjoons arms still standing in the middle of the door way.

"PIZZA!" Said Namjoon with excitement. Jimin began ordering and got a few drinks from his fridge to begin studying. He walked up the stairs leading Namjoon to his room.

So I began helping Jimin starting with a basic introduction.

"Hello I'm Namjoon I'm 18 years old, what's your name?" I said slowly so Jimin can comprehend.

"Herro, I'm Jimin and I am 17 years old." He said timidly. That was literally the cutest thing I've ever heard him say. I giggled a bit but not a lot cause I didn't want to discourage him about his engrish.

"What are your hobbies Jimin?" Jimin thought for a moment to process the word.

"Oh, I like to sing and dance!" He said with is adorable accent. Wait he can sing and dance? Dang, what other surprises does this boy hold.

"Ok so you have the basic introduction down, what is it you have trouble with?"

"Uh, over all just try to pronounce words and understand them." He said sheepishly, I thought for a moment and then it hit me!

"Why don't you learn English by music!"

"Huh?" He said tilting his head to the right like a confused puppy would.

"Yeah! A lot of times it's easier to learn things by music, that's how it helped me learn English so it can probably help you." I said excitedly.

"If you think it will help, I'll do it."

Just finished my bio final and I got a C so I'm sorta pissed. But oh well. IM LOSING MY CREATIVE FLOW. So sorry that this chapter sucked.

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