Chapter 8- Dinner Date

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-Elliot Incorporate

I scrambled myself out of the elevator and walked to my office like a zombie. My hair was down and in a curly mess as I just slipped on a pencil grey skirt and a cotton pink blouse tucked in. I hadn't bothered to wear heels as I opted for my flat ballerina suede grey shoes. All I had put on my face was my moisturizer and lip balm.

No accessories...nothing. I was too tired to even care how I was looking at the moment.

Oh yeah, what a way to attract a guy, Avelyn!

Putting my bag on my desk I sauntered back out to go get breakfast. Just as I was rounding the corner from the lobby, I ran into a steel wall. Or moreso, Ian's iron-like chest.

"Ouch", I hissed softly rubbing my forehead before I felt a finger...a large one hook my chin and brought my eyes up to meet a pair of breathtaking hazel-honey brown eyes.

"I thought I told you that you can come in late. Why are you here at seven thirty? Aren't you tired at all?"

I opened my mouth to answer him when he cut me off.

"Don't answer that. I can see that you're tired..." to which he ends with a sigh.

His eyes searched mine and I was a hostage at lost.

"'s my job, sir and it's my responsibility", I focused my eyes away from his face and spoke.

Being this close to him was too much for my distraction and bothered body.

He let go of my chin and hummed low. "And where are you off to?"

"Breakfast", I looked at him and he kept his intense gaze upon me.

What is with him and this intense staring?! Ugh! It's distracting...

I swallowed and peered at my feet.

"Come", he then said like some authoritative personnel.

I was stunned but I followed after him into the elevator. The silence was upon us and I thanked God for it. Being in his presence so often affected me and I was not immune to it. In fact, I've never reacted this way before...well towards a man.

Ian gets out of the elevator and we exit the building. As we were about to cross the road, he slips his hand into mine and I almost stumbled back with the electric force that sparked between us. I immediately looked at him and found his eyes settled intently on me. Turning away from his piercing look, I crossed the road with him.

At the moment I was overwhelmed in retrospect to my current situation. I mean, every civilized person would be dying to work with Ian and even have him this close to them yet here I am and I am begging every God possible to not have his presence near me...oh the irony is too much!

Ian walked me back to my office and said I could eat my breakfast there too.

Well so much for the no eating in the building policy!

I settled down in my chair and ate my veggies and fruits bowl which consisted of avocado slices, strawberries, banana chunks, pecans, tomato slices and cauliflower though it was blanched. It was the raw fruit and vegetable peeled, sliced and plated in a bowl or moreso plastic container. It's healthy and quite delicious.

Besides, I love avocado.

My body was doing the happy dance as I ate and drank the wheatgrass juice. Just then the door opened and in walked Ian with his coffee. He smirked and sat on the opposite chair to my desk.


I sat there looking at him as if I was lost. But why is he here in my office? And why is he smirking? Hearing him clear his throat made me snap out of my thoughts wishing that he would end my bewilderment.

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