Carlos~ Break Our Hearts

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"But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all."- 10 Things I Hate About You

"I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you."- Dirty Dancing

Hey guys so the plot of my My Sexy Alien Boyfriend is gonna have a lot more twists and turns so get ready for the ride. Things are beginning to heat up for Eliza and Cario so keep reading so you won't miss anything! Thanks to everyone who has kept up with the story. I'll be updating more often too. Love, Madamtwerksalot

Carlos POV

I was working out with my trainer Mick, and he was kicking my ass. We were sparing which we do on a daily basis. I was trying to release my frustration and unleash it on Mick. It made me sloppy. I faked left and punched him to the right and he stumbled back. But I had put to much energy into the punch leaving me vulnerable to attack when I recover from my swing.

"Sloppy. Focus Cario! Where the are you right now?" He charged and in two quick movements the wind was knocked out of me and my back was on the floor. I stayed on the floor breathing hard as Mick walked over to a bench and dragged a towel across his forehead. Mick was a few inches shorter than me and a slim Falcon. His golden skin was darker than mine and he had dark eyes that had seen horrors I can't imagine.

Mick is an ex-pilot that worked close with my father but quit when he came back. Nobody knew why he left such a high position and no one asked. I had a sneaking suspicion that it involved Darius but I had offered him a training position with me and he accepted. When it was time to move down to the mansion he followed me.

"I got a lot on my mind." I huffed out hauling myself off the floor.

"I figured since King Darius called you up to Lunar. Is there anything that I should know?" Mick downed a bottle of water then tossed mine to me.

"He wants me to find a human girlfriend. One that isn't Eliza," I answered.

A look of understanding passed over his face.

"The human girl you're always hanging out with? The one I caught climbing your gate like she's a spider monkey?" He asked cracking a grin.

I laughed. "That's the one. She's very determined when she wants to be."

"And he's not gonna let you date Eliza because..?"

"Because...because I.." I couldn't say it.
" I mean-"

"You love her Cario," Mick said clasping a hand on my shoulder.

I shook him off feel more frustrated than ever.
"Even if I did it wouldn't matter! He'll tear her away from me faster than I can blink!" I barked walking off. I stormed back into the room throwing my hands up. Mick turned back arounf in surprise.

"Actually I'm the one who fucked up! You know why? I asked her to be my girlfriend the other day. Well I actually told her she was my girlfriend and she just kissed me. So now we are together and I let that happen. Even though I knew! I knew it was only a matter of time. Fuck!"

I kicked a bench in the training room and it flipped over in a loud thud.

"Cario you went after what you wanted no one could blame you for that. If someone or something makes you happy you grab it and hold on tight for as long as possible. She'll understand if you just tell her that as much as you want her to be, she cannot be the one," Mick explained.

Despite myself I laughed. "She will kick me in the balls for playing her and never speak to me again."

"Then clench your fist, take the kick in the balls, then walk away. Before he makes you do it himself." Mick said turning on his heel and walking away leaving me more torn than ever.

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