The thought of him (Light XXX) - Undying Lust

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I was a mess. One hot mess.. I tried to keep my thoughts away from Mark's last demanding words.
My god, they were hot! So dominating! I loved when he took control like that.
You see, our relationship was really just one big tease. Sure we loved eachother, and we loved to make love to eachother - but the sex, the teasing, roleplaying and dominating were our thing. It was our secret, and something we took comfort in doing within our own four walls, always keeping it safe.

We teased each other, a lot, it was kind of like forplay for us. The longer it went on, the better it felt when we finally could have eachother.

Mark knew every inch of my body, as I did his. He knew every soft spot, and he knew how to treat me right and fuck me good.

I figured that I could start on my cleaning, as he wasn't going to be home for a few hours. I put on some music and got started by finishing the laundry. Afterwards I cleaned the apartment, and made dinner ready - homemade sushi. It wasn't my favourit, but I loved making it. There was something soothing about cooking, folding and rolling the various ingredients. I was in total control of mixing and the thought of Mark enjoying the meal, gave me a warm fuzzy feeling all over. I love watching him eat - I know how freaky that sounds, but it makes me happy. Kind of like an Italian mother, watching her son eating her homecooked meal.
Mark was always so honest in his bodylanguage, and watching him eat was a joy, because he simply loved my food.

Now with that being ready, I pampered myself with a long bubble-bath, followed by a steaming hot shower. The shower was so cleansing. I had shaved in the bath, so all I needed to do in the shower, was to relax and wash my hair.
While in the shower, I started to think about later tonight. How it could turn out, and suddenly I couldn't resist the urge to satisfy myself. The lust for my man was suddenly so overwhelming!
Even though I was in the shower, I could feel my womanhood becoming wet, just by the simple thought of Mark.
The small, warm droplets of water on my steamy skin, traveled slowly down my body. I watched some, and fantazied them to be Mark's lips traveling all over my body.
I was hot and felt my body building up a very familiar sensation and it felt so good! My body took over and gave in. My breathing became heavier and as I gently placed my fingers over my bundle of nervs, I let out a small moan.
Let these work-hours pass by quickly, because I need my Mark!

After the very hot shower, I got even more impatient for Mark to come home.
It took off the edge, but it wasn't him, and it was him I needed!

I took a good look in the mirror. My cheeks were blushed, and my eyes glossy and wide open. My skin was damped and soft and my ears also a subtle pink. I smiled to myself, knowing how much Mark loved this "look" on me. I brushed my teeth and decided to put on some make-up, even though I felt like I didn't really need it today. I felt really beautiful and sexy in my own skin, which was rare, but oh so convenient with the plan I had in store for the evening.

I painted my lips in a soft darker shade, compared to my own. I knew that Mark loved, when I took the time to do my make-up right. And if I were right, he would appreciate my effort even more tonight.
I normally didn't wear any make-up, but when I do, it looks so fucking awesome!

I really wanted to disobey Mark's words, and surprise him with some sexy lingerie, but then again - I am not supposed to disobey my master the slightest, oh.. But the punishment! The punishments for disobeying were the best! - I bit my lower lip at the thought of Mark giving me a good lesson in "how to obey your master". I felt my lower region starting to pulsate, screaming for some attention!
Even though I would LOVE to disobey Mark's orders, I wanted to do him right and for once, listen to him.

Then it hit me! I could wear the sushi.
I could be his dinner-table - flashbacks to the shower, imagining Mark's lips I hissed at the mere thought and nodded to myself as a loud agreement of this being the right thing to do.

Oh lord, he wasn't even here yet, but managed to turn me on so hard, that I could feel my juices slowly run down my legs.

Get a-hold on yourself girl! Easy! Save it for Mark!

I began to make everything ready for his return. I glanzed at the clock - 30 minutes! 30 minutes of waiting-torture.
My vag was pounding - or as I imagined it - was screaming out of lust!
I wanted him so bad!
30 minutes.. 29 minutes..
While waiting, I lit some candles, and made a very nice playlist of music, to fill the room with a little background noise.

15 minutes.. It was time for me to decorate myself. I placed myself on the dining-table and started to place small rolls and pieces of sushi all over my legs, stomach and chest.
I placed them ever so gracefully, and made sure that every piece, was securely placed and would stay put.

I had placed myself, so when Mark walked in, he would see my head and long hair fall from the edge of the table. My arms were streched out to the sides, one leg bent for support and look, the other leg streched out.
The only light filling the room, was from the candles I had lit all over.
Soft, mood-setting, sexy music gave the room the last touch. I was ready.

Bring me my man!

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