Cake and zane

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You're PoV
Sooo (Y/N)...
Yes laurance...
I wanted to ask yo-
Baby brother?!
Hey! Garroth we were talk-
Shh! Garroth I didn't know you had a brother?!
Yes! This is zane... Zane be nice..
HiYa zane! Nice to meet you... I smile and wave at him. I'm (Y/N).
Oh uhh.. Hi (Y/N) I'm Zane.. Hey Garroth were are you goin?
Cake shopping...
Ooo! Can I come! I mean *cough* I'm coming...
You like cake then...
I guess.. Who dosnt (Y/N).. Heh.. I walk closer to zane...
Soo.. Heh Zane... How long have you been garroths brother..? I laugh.
Uhh my whole li- oooohh I get it! I swear I saw him blush under that mask..
Hey (Y/N)! Can we finish our chat?
Later I'm making a new friend laurance! I say smiling at him.
F-friend..? Zane says look at me..
Uhh yeah.. What else would I call you..?
We arrive at the cake shop and I walk in and start dancing to the music..
Heh.. You're friends cute Garroth...
Oooohh Zanes gotta crush!
Shut up! You have one on he- Garroth puts his hand on Zanes mouth..
Uhh ok? Aaron come with me! I drag him over to the cake..
Sooo what now?
We try the cake. What else would we do. He smiles at me.
Fine by me. We try the cake and he likes the chocolate and I like the sprinkles..
Hmm you have something on you're nose mr no shirt.. Lemme get it. He leans forward.
Laurance and Garroth walk round the corner...
I wipe his nose and look behind me...
Uhh say what now...? Aaron starts to laugh..
What were you two doing...!
Uhh wiping icing off of his nose... What else would I be doing... I drag Aaron over to the counter.. Go on no shirt buy me cake! I said laughing.
Fine.. He said with a smile...
Time skip to when we is out the cake shop~
Happy now..
Yep! Imma eat this alll tonight. Hey... We should head to ihop..
Do you wanna take you're cakes home...?
I guess.. Hey I'll see you guys later then.. I start to walk away then Zane said.
Hey! I'll walk back with you.. I left my phone at I need to head back to..
Sure.. Let's go Zane!
Garroth and laurance weren't happy about it but Aaron dragged em away.
So Zane were do you live..?
Oh just over here... He keeps his head down and his hands in his pockets..
I walk to my house and he's still heading in the same direction... I point to my house and he points to his house... No way! you're the guy who lives in that grey place next to me! He smiles..
Really?! Heh always wondered who the girl was that I always see dancing in the window
Hey.. If I put my cakes in my place can I come check you'res out..?
Sure! I'm mean it's fine by me..
K! See you in a few.. I drop the cake boxes in the door way and head to Zanes place...
Woahhh! I said as he let me in.. You're place is awesome!
Heh.. T-thanks.. He looks at the to screen and shouts crud!
Oh my god! You watch my little horses! I love that show! I run and sit on his couch..
You do..? He said rubbing the back of his neck..
Yeah! But no one I know part form Aphmau likes it... No way this is the new episode!
I see Zane come round the over side of the couch and sit down..
Wanna watch it before ihop..?
Do I? Of course I do! I sit with me knees to my chest and my eyes glued to the screen..

Zanes PoV...
Woah... She's beautiful and likes my little horses.. And me liking them didn't even faze her! I could just sit here and watch the series with her all night...
No! It can't end like that! She shouts
Don't worry the next episode on after... I laugh..
Thank god! Oh crap ihop! Aww...
How about I pause it and before you head home we could watch it..?
Yes! Thank you! She runs up and hugs me...
No problem.. I laughed..

Garroths PoV
(Y/N) and Zanes taking a while... Imma call him...
What ever Garroth I'm trying to think of ways for her to fall for me...
Shut it laurance!
You two are as bad as each other.. Aaron laughed
Calling Zane:
Baby brother..?
Hello.. Garroth what's up..?
We're are you two?
Uhh.. We're on our way.. Why.
You're a bit late!
Look were on our way calm down!
Fine see you soon baby brother...
Bye Garroth.
Ends call~
Their on their way... Well we should head in I can already see Dante sitting at the table.. He ditch the cake so he could get a seat next to Aphmau... I laughed
Didn't blame him.. Buuuut I'd rather sit next to (Y/N).. Laurance mumbled..
Aww just go inside you two! Aaron yelled.
Ok ok! Calm down.. No shirt! Laurance laughed.
Haha... Very funny..

You're PoV
Yay we're here!
Guess we are.. Soooo...
So what?! Let's go! I grabbed Zanes arm and ran into the restaurant.
We're here! I yelled.
Everyone said hey. And me and Zane sat down.

------------------------------------------------------------ <- table arrangements..
[katelyn] {Jeffrey} {garroth} [zane] {you} [Aaron]

Le time skip again~ sorry ok.. I'm just.. Meh.
Everyone heads out and starts to walk back home... Me Aaron and Zane walk together as we live further down than everyone else.. I wave bye to Aaron and head to Zanes place with Zane..
Cya later Aaron!
B-bye..? (Why is she goin in Zane place..) imma go check what there doing...
Yes Zane! Let's do this my little horses Marathon!

Aaron's PoV
I Run up to Zane living room window and see (Y/N) in a ball up the seat watching my little horses...
Awww Zane has someone to watch them with now.. Good thing (Y/N) a nice enough person to cope with Zane.. I laughed
I'll see her tomorrow...

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