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"happy birthday to junghee! happy birthday to you!" my friends sang to me.

"you're finally nineteen, what are you going to do?" jae, one of my friends asked.

"you're finally nineteen, what are you going to do?" jae, one of my friends asked

"what do nineteen year olds do, exactly?" i asked.

"here's your ramen." the waiter interrupted to bring us our bowls.

when he was leaning over to put moonbyul's ramen in front of her my eyes landed on his arm.

damn, he had nice tattoos.

"that's hot..." i muttered.

jae, moonbyul, chanwoo and the waiter were staring at me.

i blushed, "i meant the ramen..."

i quietly looked down at my bowl while picking up my chopsticks. i bet the waiter knew i was talking about him. and for some reason i think he liked the fact i found him attractive.

after eating and minutes of chanwoo making fun of me because i thought the waiter was hot, we left.

although when we were leaving i notice the waiter was whispering something to another waiter while eyeing me.

moonbyul dropped me off in front of my apartment. i looked through my bag and realized my keys were missing. i probably left at the restaurant. god damnnit chanwoo, why do you always go through my shit?

when i turned around i came face to face with that waiter from earlier.

when i turned around i came face to face with that waiter from earlier

"are you junghee?" he asked.

"h-how do you know my name?" i stuttered.

"you're key chain had your name engraved on it." he smiled, while giving me my keys.

"oh, thanks..." i mumbled. "goodnight..."

"wait!" he grabbed my wrist, pulling me back to face him. "you're nineteen right?"

"yes," i nodded. "why are asking?"

he just smiled at me.

"come with me then."

he pulled me by my wrist.

i squealed, "i don't even know you're name!"

he faced me again.

"my real name is hoseok but i go by wonho." he told me. "and if you were smart you would come up with a new name for yourself."

wonho continued to dragged.

"what?! why?! where are you taking me?!"

"you'll see, junghee."


i found myself in the underground of the city with wonho. i was clinging to his arm because to be honest i barely go outside.

there was so many people with tattoos. then there were people smoking cigarette and drinking. this was the underground for the illegal tattoo businesses.

i felt out of place here because i have no tattoos i just turned nineteen today. i'm barely an adult.

wonho and i walked by a few tall buff guys. that was probably their security. one of the guys called us back to talk to us.

"who's she?" his voice was deep.

"a newbie. she just turned nineteen today, don't worry about it chanyeol."

"she's pretty cute." he smirked, looking at me up and down.

"back off," wonho grumbled. "she's with me and she as hell isn't going to date a playboy like you."

wonho turned around and continued walking.

"who was that exactly?" i asked, quietly.

"a douche bag, don't get involved with chanyeol, he goes for any girl that's dumb enough." wonho whispered.

wonho stopped in front of the tattoo parlors.

"this is where i got my first tattoo." wonho said. "kiji! we gotta a newbie."

a guy covered in tattoos came out from the back. he was that other waiter wonho was talking to at the restaurant earlier!

"oh, it's that girl from the restaurant." the boy named kiji sighed. "i should have believed you were going to go after her."

"what's he talking about?" i asked.

"your keys!" wonho said. "i was going after you cause you forgot your keys."

"yeah, sure." kiji grumbled.

"shut up and do your job as a tattoo artist kiji!" wonho yelled.

"fine, fine." kiji rolled his eyes. "so..."

"junghee." i told him

"so junghee what do you want a tattoo of?" kiji asked.


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