over protective sasuke over protective menma part 2

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Naruto was about to leave the bathroom until he was pushed back in and also pushed into the wall by someone as he was opened his eyes to be stairing into someones eyes that reminded him of sasuke so much "who-who are you" asked as he looked at the person infront of him.

"oh why do you need to know that it doesn't matter anyway" the guy says as he looked at Naruto as Naruto soon was able to get a good look at his face the boy had paper like skin he was to pail he also has dark hair. "what do you want from me" Naruto asked, looking at the boy "its so easy to tell what I want is you" the boy says as he smirked as Naruto tried to break free but the boy had a strong grip on him "let me go" Naruto says and that's when the door was bust opened and the boy was sent as Naruto had both his eye closed, as he was soon tapped on the shoulder as he jumped and opened his eyes to see it was sasuke "are you ok Naruto" he asked looked at the blond who just hugged him.

Sasuke soon looked at the nocked out raven on the floor as sasuke made a 'tsk' sound as he turned around around and looked naruto and softly patted him before leaving the hath room to there next class.

With sasukie and menma they heard a fan girl squeal as menma quickly moved sasukie out they way causing the girl to face plant onto the floor.

"Ow what the....hey sasukie"  the girl says smiling "hi ino" sasukie says smiling while menma just growled at her angry "what's wrong with him" ino asked "oh sorry he's just not I'm the mood to be around people expecially female hehe" sasukie says as he laughed a bit as ino nods, "oh ok them I thought that he hated me" ino says whole menma glared at her.
"Don't say that" sasukie says as he sighed before heading to his class with menma behind him.

Sasukie and menma being the first one there soon menma fell asleep on the desk while menma got on his phone to look up some things or to see what he forgot to do. While doing so someone slammed there hand on sasukie desk "ah....oh hi there....um....who are you" sasukie asked "don't care but while you....ah son of a..." the boy being cut off as u r was tripped then his arm got broken "mess with my sasukie again and I.will.kill.you!!!!" Menma growled in a deadly town before letting the guy go as he got up and started, running for his life.

Sasukie smirked at menma as he leaned on his hand "I'm yours huh your such a cutie when you over protective like that" sasukie says smirking as his hair slightly cover his eye.

"What ever" menma says as he blushed before sitting down "I'm just got a bit over protective of you is all no harm down" menma says as he blushed an even deeper red before sitting down making a grumpy frown.

"Are you embarrassed" sasukie says as he smiles "u.r.a.q.t" he says smiling as menma banged his head on the table as he felt embarrassed.

"Hey menma" sasukie says as he leaned over and menma looked up and turned to sasukie only to kiss him as the raven fox jumped in surprise as he quickly pulled back and looked at the Uchida who just smirk "I ♡ U" sasukie says as menma was now so red people could mistake him for a tomato "awww your so cute" sasukie cooed.

Menma was now overly embarrassed as he couldn't take it any longer "stop teasing me you jerk" Menma says as he looked away.

As the day went by it was now lunch time as naruto and sasuke met up with menma and sasukie.

"Hey sasuke" sasukie says as he hugged his twin who didn't smile what so ever "menma what happened to you" naruto asked looking at his twin.

"Sasukie teased me the who period class and he wouldn't stop" menma says as he lays his head on naruto shoulder who just sighed and petted the raven fox "sasuke was over protective of me all day" naruto says as he blushed.

"Hey sasuke how's you little cutie going along" sasukie says earing a punch in the arm "shut up or die" sasuke whispered/yelled as he glared at his twin who just burst out laughing.

"Sasukie" someone yelled only to be necked by menma who growled at them "calm down ok" sasukie says patting menma on the head as the raven fox sighed but was still ticked off and has a quick mood Change as he was over ticked off to calm then he looked at sasukie ticked off but soon calmed down again.

(Remember that one episode in that one anime where that one character has a change of moos swings hehe)

Menma hugged sasukie who patted his head "sorry about that are you ok" sasukie says as he kept a fern grip on his lunchbox "yes I am but keep him on a leash will ya" the girl says she grumpy stomped off.

Sasukie sighs as he patted menma head them looked at his twin who was glaring at a boy with dark eye paper pail skin and dark hair "hey he doesn't belong to you and all on want to do is just talk to him" the boy says "shut up sai I'm not trusting you" sasuke growled as he glared at sai.

"What ever but I will get to him" sai says before leaving while naruto looked up at sasuke who was still glaring at where the onyx boy went off to.

"Sasuke he's gone know calm down" naruto says while sasuke shook his head "I don't like him and I don't trust him" sasuke growled before looking down at naruto and tried to calm him.


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