Chapter 24: The Today Show and Canada

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Justin's POV:
"Hey guys so this morning Jaylie and I have to catch a plane to New York so that we can be at the today show by 10:30 am. Right now it is
4:00 am and so I have to get Jaylie and her friends up because they spent the night for her birthday yesterday and so yeah."
*stops Vlogging*
*wakes up everyone with the One Dance remix*

Time skip----------------------
It's 5am and we dropped off Jaylie's friends and we are headed to the garage where the plane is.
We got our things and loaded the private plane. We got comfortable and Jaylie put in her beats headphones.  She showed me she was doing school.
I gave her a thumbs up.

 I gave her a thumbs up

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Jaylie was alright. She was excited.
I got a call. It was dad.
"Hey son great to talk to ya"
"Yeah we're on our way to New York so that we can go on the today show."
"Oh well maybe you should come home soon. Jazzy and Jaxon are really missing you."
" maybe we should consider doing that."
"Yeah here wanna talk to Jaxon?"
* Justin's dad hands the phone to Jaxon.*
"Hi juju"
"Hey bubby"
"What ya doin"
"I'm on a plane what u doin"
"Playing with Legos"
"Wow that's cool."
"Ok daddy wants his phone back so bye Juju."

*hangs up*
*end of call.*

Jaylie's POV:
I was playing a game on my phone because I was done with school. We were about to land when I heard snoring. Daddy was sleeping.
Scooter woke him up.
His hair was everywhere.

He got up still tired

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He got up still tired.
We got off the plane and got into the Über. The über drove us to Rockerfeller plaza. We walked around a little bit because daddy didn't have to be there until 10:30.
We shopped around and I got some new clothes and shoes.
I also got even more phone cases.
Soon it was time to go to daddy's interview.
We were going to talk about me and daddy's tour and things like that.
We met the people. I hung out with the camera guy. Daddy went out on a chair and answered the questions they were asking.
Then it was my turn.
Hesitating, I came out and say on daddy's lap.
I answered some questions.
"So what's your name?"
"Jaylie Nicole Bieber"
"How old are you?"
"6 oh I mean 7."
"When is your birthday?"
"March 1st 2010."
"Wow you share your birthday with your daddy."
I nodded.
Daddy answered some more questions. Then it was time for him to preform.
He preformed
"Love Yourself" and  "Company"
In company I decided to climb up on the stage, grab daddy's microphone from his hand and steal the show.
"Maybe we, can be-"
I stole the microphone
"Be each others company"
Daddy took the microphone and picked me up. He sang with me.
After the song, we went back on the plane. I thought we were flying home, but we ended up on the plane for 8 more hours. I tried to tell daddy we were going the wrong way but he didn't beliebe me.
Soon, I saw a sign that said
Welcome to Canada.
I was wondering why we were in Canada.
"Dad, why are we in Canada?" I asked
"You'll see."
We got back in the uber and drove to a house. It seemed familiar.
Daddy and I walked inside.
Soon I saw everyone.
Like everyone. Daddy's grandpa, and everybody else.
There's a lot.
Me and daddy would be taking a little break from the Purpose Tour and stay home here in Canada.
Me and daddy got to sleep in his old room. It had Toronto Maple Leafs things on it. Even the bed spread.
Which reminds me of a late birthday present that I got him.

Time skip----------------------
Justin's POV:
It was almost time for Jaylie and Jazzy and Jaxon to go to sleep. Jaylie wanted to give me a late birthday present.
There was a huge box. I opened it. Only to find another one. And another one and another and another. I got to a small bag.
I opened it.


What do you think it is?
Find out in the next chapter.

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Opening my present to find JustinBieber tickets
That will be Justin's reaction.
It's crazy I know.

 It's crazy I know

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