Sex (Preference)

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So I kind of realized this book is called 'Emblem3 Imagins/Preferences and I don't have really any preferences so heres one :) 

Drew: Drew is gentle and caring in bed. He always leaves kisses down your body and makes sure your okay. He wants you to know that you are loved. When you two have sex it isn't just sex, it's making love. 

Wes: One word describes sex with Wes, dominance. Your in control and he loves it. He loves seeing you on top of him. He is your bitch in bed. 

Keaton: Keaton isn't what you expect in bed. He's rough. You always wake up sore and tired and him with deep scratches and bruises. But you love it. He knows your boundries. 

Idk this is the first preference I've ever written.... Do you guys think I should add preferences too, or just stick with the personal imagines? Comment and let me know.

-Alexis :) 

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