Dude, I Think Typhlo's Gay For Apollo...Holy Shit Man What the Fuck is This..

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  Selphia looked over at Apollo. Flabbergasted.

  She had just woken up and got dressed, leaving Leo sleeping in the room.

  "Are you serious? But he's an Egyptian...how is he gonna get there?"She stammered.

  Apollo cocked a brow with an 'are you fucking serious right now' face. Obviously it was a stupid question. But it was also a stupid proposition.

  The sun god had suggested that the group, quote unquote "Bring my bro in law to my sis down under so they can see each other again". He was so smart, right?

  "You're half Egyptian and you got into the Underworld. How can he not?"Apollo grunted.

  "Nico shadowtraveled us. I'm also part Greek, so maybe that played a part in it!"She argued.

  Nico crawled from the shadows at the mention of his name."Osiris is the Egyptian god of the Afterlife. Not only that, he has a son, Anubis, who is the Egyptian god of Death. I don't think my dad wants to meet his Egyptian equivalents. Especially since that jackal son of a bitch doesn't have a single good word of my father on his tongue."He seethed.

  Selphia muttered to herself. "Why is this relevant to the quest, huh?"She growled to her uncle.

  "It's not, I just really want to make my sister happy. The Moon isn't as bright as it used to be back when she was with Osiris. Now he's with Isis and...she just feels worse."Apollo explained, crossing his arms.

  Typhlo snorted from where he was."Apollo, come sit on Daddy's lap. Let me explain why that's not the most beautiful idea."He purred to the sun god. Apollo's face burned solar flare red.

  "If Seth finds his brother out of his realm, he will seize the opportunity and take over Egypt. With Egypt enslaved by his brother and his father long gone, Osiris has no choice but to live with his wife, Artemis. Hera will be enraged that her perfect family thing is fucked up. That's exactly what Seth wants. He will probably cause more reasons for the Greeks to be mad at the Egyptians, then recruit the Romans himself. Leaving everyone in complete anarchy while he sits on top with a crown made of his brother's bones. Get the picture, hot stuff?"

  If I had to compare Typhlo to an actor, it'd be Ryan Reynolds during the Deadpool film. Very witty. Ugh.

  Apollo flicked a tiny ball of sun fire at him. Typhlo blew it away and winked at him."You're so damn complicated Typhlo....always ruining my plans."Apollo griped.

  "That's why you love me, baby."

  Nico looked over with a cocked brow then changed his gaze to stare at Selphia.

  Leo walked in, a towel around his waist. "Did someone go gay while I was knocked out?"He mumbled tiredly, prying one of his eyes open to examine Apollo as Typhlo stood very close to him.

  Apollo rapidly shook his head in denial. But Typhlo looked on the contrary. He rolled his eyes as Apollo "nope"d his way into the hall and towards the elevator.

  Typhlo, of course, ran after him.


  Selphia rolled her eyes then looked at Leo, who started to approach her in a serious manner.

  "I've got good news and bad news."He mumbled.

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