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#30 One Direction ( your kid has a disability )

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Louis (Deafness): You smiled, looking to the stage where the opening act was playing on their full speed. Tommy was resting on your arms, eyes focused on the band, mesmerized by the jumps and twirls the band did right in front of him. A small nudge made you lose focus and look down to him smiling. "When will dad be on stage?" he asked using sign language, little hands moving fast and cutely. He was excited to see his own dad in front of so many people, doing what he loved to do. "Ten minutes darling, just hold on," you signed back, making your small, brown haired boy smirk happily. He was such a happy child, loving everything around him. His deafness was of course a small limit in his curiousness, but he was always everywhere, even places he wasn't supposed to be.  He was just like Louis, always making pranks and making smiles on others faces. "Daddy!" he signed to you, big smirk on his face when he pointed to the curtain where you saw Louis' poking his head out and waving to you and the four years old boy. You smiled when all of the five boys entered the stage, making thousands of girls scream so loudly your ears started to ring. Louis smirked, waving to everyone, making your heart beat proudly. "Hi, Hello!" Harry opened the concert, making everyone scream even louder. "Today is a special day, our best mate's little Tommo is here this fine evening!" Harry yelled happily making a loud cheers erupt his speech. Louis was near the edge of the stage, signing everything Harry said, to your son, who was wiggling excited on your lap. "So today and now on, we are using sign language in every song, to make sure that the little Tomlinson and everyone else here can see what great songs we have! How does that sound!" Louis beamed down to look at Tommy who was practically jumping up and down. You bite your lip, letting proud tears blur your eyes when all the boys cheered, opening the concert with their newest single. "Mommy I can understand!" your son signed, making you nod proudly and dry your tears when you both joined to Louis' signing, making him smile in disbelief how lucky he was to have a family like yours.

Harry (autism): You smiled lovingly, looking down at your daughter who was sitting on the floor, putting her pens to a line. Her pink tongue was between her lips when she concentrated, green eyes focused to the yellow pens. Her black hair was a curly mess, bouncing to every direction when she moved. You had put her hair to two pigtails but she had taken them off, scrunching her nose, looking exactly like Harry at that moment. "I'm home," Harry's voice echoed, making you smirk happily and leave the dishes to the sink for a second. "Hi," he murmured to your hair happily, pressing kisses to the nape of your neck. "Hi love, how was your day?" you asked gently, hugging him tightly. "Fine, how about yours?" He asked smiling. "Normal," you smiled, making him peck your lips before sitting down to the floor next to your daughter, who hadn't raised her look at all. "Hi kitten," Harry cooed, brushing his big thumb over your girls soft cheeks, making her lift her head to look at her dad. "Hi kitten," she echoed, making Harry smile gently before picking her up and kissing her forehead.  Whenever she said something, even just echoed your or Harry's speaking what autism children did a lot, Harry was the happiest man on the planet. "Who's my daddy's girl," he smirked, kissing her cheeks until she let out a giggle what filled the kitchen like a beautiful melody. "We were in the park today," you told smiling, looking at your loved ones who were bonding on the kitchen floor. "You were?" Harry asked dramatically, green eyes glued on your baby girl. Her eyes were focused on the buttons in Harry's shirt. You nodded, making Harry smile and reach your hand so you could sit next to them. "And we saw a bird, didn't we honey?" you cooed, leaning to your husband when you brushed your girls wild locks off her beautiful eyes. "fi-ve," she said slowly, counting the birds with her six-year-olds chubby hands. "five?"Harry asked smiling, knowing how her brains always focused on things she could count and what she had seen before. She got extremely confused whenever you went to new places, so you visited the same park almost every day, counting all the birds time after time.  "Oh yeah, tell mommy and daddy what they looked like!" you beamed, resting your head on Harry's shoulder, looking at your intelligent daughter scrunched up her eyebrows, thinking words she knew, "W-hite..."

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