"Look Renae, we've got you back- do you really thin we're just going to let you go?"

"But- Danielle!" She protested. "I died. I can't just be brought back! There was no angel to resurrect me this time."

I remembered when Liam had died, and I had to have an angel bring him back. Only an angel would bring back the dead, to their original form....

"How are you alive, then?" I asked her. "You definitely aren't some sort of pale, dark, twisted imitation..so who brought you back?"

"I...I don't know," she admitted. "I just remember being taken..from where I was, and brought here."

I noticed her careful wording, and saw that she knew Liam didn't know about the Games of Pain. And, she definitely wasn't going to tell him about it. 

'Okay- let's just do it," Liam said. "We've wasted enough time as it is."

"Fine!" Renae acceded. "But- I'm not the same Renae as before, alright? I...I probably have problems, like malfunctions or something."

She was hiding something. She knew something that we didn't. And I also knew she wasn't going to tell us about it. 

Lying across the table, Renae provided a kind of bridge for us. 

"I have no idea if this is going to work," Renae mumbled, her words muffled, because she was facing downwards. 

I went first, crawling carefully over Renae.

"Awkward, much?" She said, as I clambered over her. I froze, as my foot dropped onto the table. With the swiftness I didn't know I possessed, I flicked my foot off the table. Nothing happened.

No fire flared up, no blistering pain touched me. 

'Why doesn't it...." I trailed off- unsure. 

"It's meant to..." Renae said. "Whatever- just hurry up, and don't touch it again."

I did so, and quickly crawled off the table, managing to fall onto the floor, nearly face-first. Good one, Danielle, I thought. Got that graceful thing down. 

Liam followed, squirming quickly over Renae. He looked slightly embarassed- as I'm pretty sure that she looked like she was dying under him. I laughed at his face, and her muffled expletives.

As he fell off the table onto the floor- simliar to my graceful smack onto the hard floor. But, this time, Liam's toe just touched the table, just for a split second. And this time- the reaction was entirely different. The table exploded into flames- and Liam yelled in pain, falling off the table, and hitting his foot which had caught on fire, against the floor, again and again- anguished yells accompanying the dull thud! of his foot hitting the floor. Renae had also lit on fire, but for some strange reason- it wasn't affecting her. The fire was like a background, as it sizzled. Her clothese weren't even burning.

Liam had extinguished his foot now, and we just looked at Renae- who was looked....celestial. Out of this world. But, I guess she was. In a way. With a calm look, she merely lay on the floor, and rolled, the flames going out- after a minute of rolling around. We got out the way, so we wouldn't catch fire, and as we skittered away, I noticed Liam's toe was now perfectly healed.

His angelic powers- I had forgotten. 

As Renae stood up, I grumbled, saying,

"You know this isn't exactly fair, is it?"

She raised an eyebrow and said, "In what way?"

"Well, Liam's got healing powers, and you- you, yeah I don't know what you do, you're just not affected by pain and your body just doesn't....die."

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