Deadly Secrets by a-dora-ble

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Title: Deadly Secrets

Genre/Style/Subgenre: General Fiction/ Contemporary/ Teen Fiction

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Written by a-dora-ble

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The review:

This story isn't contain what people say, normal life of teenagers. This is not a common love story either.

Zara is not a typical teenager, living alongside with danger seems to be her life motto. Living with her grandfather for years. Nothing wrong could happen since her past has been buried long time ago, she thought. Sadly, the thought didn't last long after one messy night, she accidentally stole something on the night when she lived her own secret. And someone wants it back, badly.

Son of the owner of the biggest pharmaceutical in America. Some of troublemaker and notorious fighter, messing around with gang all over city. It's Maximilian Rubair for you, who finds out something important is missing after some thieves rob his house, nothing will stop him until he gets it back.

Meeting under unfortunate events may rub people the wrong way, but the rule doesn't apply for them. Not really opposites attract, but the fact they can't get away from each other is undeniable.

One of them is stalker, another one is terrified. Even when the spark starts showing, when things go south, is two brave hearts enough?

With carefully chosen words and very smooth plot, I recommend for those who love action with a little spice of love baked fresh from the oven. So, before you read the story, I would prepare your food and drink.  Also add an extra portion of adrenaline.

Review by Mita 


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