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The sound of the papers rustling and the scuffle of feet were heard outside your room. Sugawara frowned, taking in a deep breath before twisting the knob open.

"(F/n)-chan!" He called out with a smile, his body reek of sweat as he wiped it off using his black towel.

"Oh hello Ko-Koushi!" You stammered, hiding something behind your back.

"Are you okay? Is everything fine?" Koushi dropped his bag on the floor, anxiously walking by your side.

You nodded frantically, "I'm fine!" you equivocated and hid the paper under the covers.

Sugawara decided to let go of the subject and talked about his day.

The bulletin board was crowded by Karasuno students and Sugawara, Daichi and Asahi walked by the bulletin board, frowning.

"That's the exam taken by second years right?" Daichi turned to look at Sugawara.

The motherly senpai nodded, squinting his eyes, trying to find his girlfriend's name at the corner of the bulletin board, he saw your name as his eyes widened, knowing exactly what made you stressed yesterday.

He twisted the knob open, carrying a bouqet of flowers and chocolates. Sugawara asked for a week of not going to practice just to comfort you. Ukai and Daichi agreed but he would have to make you return to your usual self again or he won't attend practice.

There, you sat in front of your desk, watching the failed test paper that you laid on the wooden desk. You turned around to see Sugawara with flowers and chocolates in his hands.

"What are you doing here? Don't you have practice?" You asked, feeling guilty that you had to shake his shoulders.

He smiled and patted your head, placing the things he bought on the desk. "Why don't you rest for a second while I feed you chocolates, huh?" Koushi offered, opening the lid of the chocolate box and took one.

"No," you denied quickly, standing straight. "I don't need sweets."

"Okay?" Koushi took the chocolate box and decided to give it to Hinata later. "Well then, I have to catch up for practice! See ya tomorrow!" He waved in the air with a big smile and closed the door.

Koushi twisted the knob again, bringing a big dinosaur with him as he struggled to fit it inside the door.

"Koushi?" You saw him struggling to pull the stuffed dinosaur inside and sighed, walking up to him and pulled the dinosaur in one go, resulting the both of you to crash down to the ground.

You lifted yourself off the ground, dusting off your sweatpants and looked at your boyfriend curiously.

"What's that?" You pointed to the big green dinosaur that was straddling the poor boy.

"A... d-dinosaur."

You sighed and held the green stuffed toy, throwing it on the bed before helping koushi up.

"It's Tsukki's, isn't it?"

"How do you know?"

"I gave him that as a gift for his birthday."

You sighed in irritation, running a hand through your tresses and squinted your eyes at the paper before you, re-reading through the texts and questions.

"(F/n)-chan!" Koushi knocked on the door before letting himself inside.

"What?" You asked, quickly hiding the paper in your drawer.

He just smiled and gestured his hands. You frowned at his actions and then saw a green standing dinosaur, his footsteps were heavy as if they don't want to step in.

"What did you do now?"

"Well..." Koushi trailed off, "It's the real thing!"

You raised an eyebrow and took a step closer to the mascot. "Did he bother you?"

the person inside snorted. "Can i go now?"

"Is that you Tsukki?"




Sugawara shook his head, sighing in disbelief and strained a smile.

"Guys, why don't you just calm down a bi-"

"It looks like King-sama is back," Tsukishima stated, pushing back his glasses in a cool way.

"Seriously?" Koushi grumbled under his breath, trudging to the bench to sit next to Kiyoko.

The ravenette nodded, allowing him to sit beside her.

"Firstly it's (F/n), now it's them," He pointed to the idiotic and bickering team.

Ukai wasn't able to attend the practice in the afternoon due to him being ill after he was drenched in the rain.

"Go shopping with her," Kiyoko advised and noticed that the two second years are heading towards them. She stood up and patted his shoulders. "Good luck."

The both of you went in a date in the mall, hand in hand but Koushi still felt your stressed aura and dragged you towards arcades, watched a comedy movie with you and even bought you the things you wanted but your mood doesn't seem to waver

"Goodnight, I guess," Koushi rubbed the nape of his neck and and kicked a rock.

You nodded, taking all the paper bags in your hand as Sugawara turned around. He sighed and ran towards you, grabbing your wrist to pin you on the wall.

"What's bothering you?" He asked although he already knew the answer.

You bit your lip and turned your head to the side. "Nothing, just go home," you tried to push him away but you couldn't.

"If you want me to go then i'll go," he stated and released you from his hold but he tousled your hair. "Smile sometimes okay?" He grinned before walking away.

It was the only thing that he made to make you smile.

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