~ Twelve ~

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Better Prepare Yourself

"Vouliagmeni?" Phoebe stormed off as she threw the folder on his table. "Does it really have to be that place?"

Evandros eyed the folder on his table and tried to be calm as much possible. "It's in the proposal. Vouliagmeni it is."

"No, I'm not buying the idea of putting up a Perkos port there! And, what, buying beaches there? There are other places with good beaches around!" she said, raising her voice. She was frantic of the idea because pursuing this crazy plan would mean checking on the place with no other than Evandros Xenakis himself. She could go anywhere except Vouliagmeni especially with Evandros with her.

Not comprehending what she felt, she decided to leave him though she had just arrived.

Evan stood up from his chair. "What are you doing?"

"I'm not going there with you!" she said firmly as she turned around to leave.

Who are we kidding? She thought very madly.

"Phoeb!" Evandros called her out, one hand on his hip, the other gripping his head.

She began to walk now.

"Phoeb..." he said, running now after her. "Phoebe!"

She stopped walking when Evandros got hold of her forearm. "Please, just let me go."

"This proposal is going to be---"

"A proposal is still a proposal, a suggestion, a proposition! It can still be changed because it is still not yet final! Don't use proposal and final as if they are the same, Evandros! They are unlike terms! Unlike terms, remember? How could you forget it when it's you who taught me that?" Phoebe, with her raging emotions, flared up.

Evandros shut his eyes. He knew this wasn't going to be easy... for her... actually for both of them... especially with the involvement of Vouliagmeni.

When he heard that Phoebe had ceased talking, he opened his eyes. He was surprised to discover that she was now gazing at him.

Evandros wetted his lips and began to explain, "Yes, it may be a plan yet but it is something very important to the shipping company. I'd like you to know that this has been worked out for years already. This is very critical and this is what the CEO has been looking forward. Obviously, this is the project that he wants you to study and manage later," Evan explained.

"What?" she quibbled. "You said this is just a proposal yet!"

"A proposal this time, yes..."

"So let's change the place! It's as simple as that!"

"A proposal at the same time your Ba-ba's dream," he said gloomily, releasing her finally. With dropping shoulders, he placed his hands in his pockets. "We can't change the place, Phoebe. Your Ba-ba really would like to have the Perkos port at Vouliagmeni. This has all been his plan and he just instructed the planning department to work out the proposal to be approved by the board. You know your father. Once he likes something, he'll make everything possible."

Unbelieving, Phoebe shook her head as she moved a step back from Evan. "Why? Why of all places? And if it's only about putting up a port there, why also buy beaches?"

Evan clenched a fist at the mention of beaches. If he had very important memories that involved Phoebe, everything had to be in the sea. The sea had been Evan's first love... but, now, the sea had produced him sad memories of the woman he had truly loved in his entire life.

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