Back To Earth

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After Patrick arrived to the hospital, Pete was practically glued to him. Wether he was holding his hand or sitting as close as possible to him, he always had some sort of physical contact. He had always preferred actions over words to show care in many of his relationships in the past although he had never really been in a relationship like his and Patrick's however. They weren't even dating yet he had never felt such a strong feeling about anyone else before.

Getting up silently, Pete lead Patrick by the hand out the back door of the hospital where the sun was setting slowly, sitting on the grimy curb and pulling out a cigarette.
    "I'm sorry." Pete spoke for the fist time since his fedora boy had first arrived.

"For what?" Patrick asked, looking over at him. "For dragging you along with this and being a clingy little bitch. God, I'm such a fucking asshole, not calling you for a week, leaving you alone, not helping you." He frowned, taking another drag angrily.

     "Pete, it's not your fault, you know that right? I care about you and Brendon. If I was in the same situation, I would have done the same thing, don't feel bad. I'll always be there for you." Patrick said, staring at The boy.
   "What about you? Don't think i don't notice the new bruises. I haven't been there to protect you and I feel horrible because i lo- care about you too. More than you will ever know." Pete froze.

He had almost let his secret slip out. His fairytale of a crush he had on the perfect kid that sat next to him.
It was hard to describe it- you couldn't really put it in words what the feeling was. It was like... Pete wanted to share everything amazing in the world with Patrick. He wanted to protect him from his monsters, shield him from the darkness of the world and make this small city feel a little bigger. Because when Pete was around him, he felt the high you get when the lights go out in a concert and your favorite band walks out, the unsafe but ecstatic buzz you feel when your on a roller coaster. All these feelings yet still a warmth that spread throughout his body when Patrick simply smiled at him that felt like no other.

   Pete had never felt love in any of his past relationships, had never even thought he had felt it until now as he stared at the boy who was picking at his fingernails nervously, a bruise wrapped around his cheek where his makeup he wore to cover it had faded.

   "I-I'm fine. Bruises don't mean anything. Your more important." Patrick's soft voice said as he touched one of his bruises gingerly.
"I disagree. Every mark is pain I know you didn't deserve and that will never be okay. Ever. But I'll wait for you to tell me because pushing will make things worse. Just remember- if you ever need any help or anything, I will be there okay?" Pete said, voice choking slightly as he felt tears brim his eyes. Reaching out, he hugged Patrick, putting as much feeling as he could into it- anything that would make Patrick feel less pain because he was the only grounded thing left in his life.

   In hindsight, it wasn't smart to anchor everything he had to a broken boy but each other was all they had at that moment.


"Hey Brendon, It's Pete. Apparently you can hear me and it helps with your coma. So yeah. Ryan and Patrick just left a little bit ago and we all miss you to death. Mikey hasn't had any call of duty competition In a week and he's really missing you too.

Ryan's hasn't been doing too well since all that has happened but we've finally gotten him out of the hospital and with Dallon for the night so things are getting better I suppose. I still haven't left the hospital- I know, I know, it's unhealthy- I already got the speech from the guys but Patrick stopped by and has been helping me today." Pete sighed, sweeping Brendon's hair off his forehead slightly.

  "You know what? Fuck you Urie. Look what you've done. You pressured me to go back and find Patrick when I first met him. You made me run after him even when I doubted it and now look what has happened. I've fallen in love with him. The spark you feel when you look at Ryan? I feel the same with Patrick. So you better wake the fuck up soon bitch. I know your fangirling right now." Pete smirked before laying in the nearby hospital bed and falling asleep.


Patrick was sure he had bruises on his bruises as he sat curled up to the bathroom sink dabbing the cuts on his stomach where his fathers boot had broken skin. It was not a pretty sight.

When he walked in the doorway, his father was waiting for him, having gotten past the decoy of his music, ready to beat him.
  It was bad- not bone breaking bad but painful enough for him not to move for an hour afterwords. It was becoming more and more difficult to see Pete with his father in the way, treating him as a slave.

   It was amazing however, what just being in the presence of the boy did to Patrick's self esteem. This morning he was thinking about giving up on life, now he was ready to support Pete and be there for Ryan and Brendon as friends would do. No matter how many bruises or broken bones Patrick received, from that night on he promised himself that he was always be there for Pete until the end. No matter what.

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