A Death of a Hero (Chapter 15)

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Percy was the only thing making them hold back, now that he was gone, it will be a slaughter.
The gods continue to ponder of a way to win, looking into old scripts, desperately trying to find a way.

There were none.

Location: ?????????

Order stood infront of me, I knew I was in for a bad time.

"You refused my offer earlier, and you paid the price. You could have ruled beside me as commander, but you tried to protect these weaklings. Now that you have fallen, your soul is mine. You will regret the choices you have made." Order stated.

"No. I will never regret protecting my family. Even if they are against me, I will stay loyal. Not even death will change that." I state adamantly.

"Hah! Everyone has a limit. Even gods. You will soon learn that sometimes, there is no hope. " Order laughed.

I began to speak but before my lips opened, Order waved his hand, and pain rang in my head. My eyes flashed and started to glow. I see nothing but darkness beside me. I am wearing only a orange camp half blood shirt along with camp attire. One that I hated.

My eyes start searing with a stinging sensation, I am forced to close them. Images flash through my vision. What I see haunts me. Its a collection of all my failiures and memories, some real and fake. I see myself beside Mom and Paul, blood leaking. I see myself beside Zoé on her deathbed. I see Thalia and Artemis trapped in a dungeon, chained to walls. I see my failiures, all of them.

I clutch my head in shock. I fall to my knees. I cant open my eyes or else I will burn, so I am forced to watch these. Soon the images are replaced with other images. I see myself walking in a destroyed Olympus, with each god lying dead on the ground. I tremble as I begin to hold back tears.

Oh gods. What is happening?

"you killed us." A voice speaks inside my head. Several voices. I recognize the voices. I hear everyone's voice.  All the people who I have failed.

The voice does not stop. It continues, repeating itself in my head. I can't take it. I know I failed, but what can I do now? Give up? I already have.

Give up.

Funny, those 2 words are the two I used to never abide to. Now look at me.

"Can't take it anymore?" Order appears out of nowhere.

"I......I can't." I stutter.

"Good, now once you are broken, I will take your soul and rule Earth!" Order says triumphantly.

"You see, a being powerful as me has to obey rules. These rules tell that I cannot invade lesser beings. But due to you're unnatural form of a Titan, god, and Mortal, you possess a suitable form that can contain my power. I will possess your body, and bend the ancient laws to destroy Olympus! As part Mortal, you do not abide by the ancient laws, so once I take your body, the rules no longer apply to me." Order explained.

He is gonna use MY body to conquer Olympus? Crap. This is going to suck a lot.

I gotta fight. No matter what. Even when all odds are against me, I must fight. I remember Order saying that Light is the best weapon against Order. Hope.

I need to believe I can win. I will win. For family. For everyone. Only I can do this.

The terrible images continue to play. Over and over. But I bear through it. I get past it. It was traumatic,  but it no longer scares me. I have made peace with Zoé, Mom, and Paul, and I can still save Thalia and Artemis.

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