Faith and coincidence

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"Who is that handsome man? Who is talking with Oliver? And looking straight to us?" You asked Laura trying to not look in that direction.

"Oh,just Jared Leto. I heard that is very good in bed,you know what I'm saying"

"Is that so? I wonder how does it feel his arms...mmm,I'm already turned on"

"You're such a slut"

"Thank you,ha ha"

Laura was your best friend,more like a sister for you. She already knew that Jared didn't have a chance to resist you.

Going at bar and ordered a cocktail;while you wait,by "accident" you touch Jared's hand.

"Sorry,is too crowded here" you said giving him the most sexy look

"It's ok,I don't mind"

After a time,while talking about ordinary stuff,you headed outside for air. Jared was right behind you.

"Listen,do you wanna go somewhere else?" Ask him

"Sure,why not"

Looking at him while was driving makes you think at naughty things you wanna do to him,and very dirty.

Soon,he stop the engine and said

"Let's take a walk on the beach. Let your shoes here in the car"

The beach was empty,the stars and the sound of waves make the atmosphere incredible.

He put an arm around you and said

"Do you believe in faith? In coincidence?"

"I don't know,I didn't think at these things,until now"

"I believe,do you know why?"

"Why? Tell me"

"Two days ago I saw you on a street. You look so natural,pure. Walking behind you until Starbucks,I stayed at a table admiring you while making those adorable faces when you talk at the phone. I'm not an obsessed one,no way. But I feel something special,and now I need to figure it out why. Being at the same party was pure coincidence." Saying him while touching your hair.

"Oh,I don't know what to say about it. Look,I know that..." He cut your words with his mouth.

His lips was so warm,so soft and you feel his tongue making a way to play with yours.

He put his arms around you,keeping you tight to his body. The chemistry was too big to resist. You start pulling his shirt off and unbuckle his jeans while he help you take off your clothes.

He lay you on back;the sand was warm and comfy; Jared was between your legs playing with your body,biting your neck and devastate your lips.

Suddenly he push inside you,making you arch your back and scream.

"Don't stop Jared,please,don't stop"

"I won't I promise you,scream my fucking name,right now"

You scream his name over and over again,while Jared pushed inside you faster and harder.

Both coming in same time,screaming each other name and collapsing in the most deepest pleasure.

After few moments ,while trying to catch your breath,he start caressing your cheek,sweet and softly.

"Jared,i bet you can't catch me" you said laughing while running into the water.

"You don't have a chance" and in next second he grab you in his arms kissing you while a hand was on your neck.

"Look,how bright is the moon,it's so beautiful,honey"

"You right,this is a perfect moment,let's make it forever"


Since that night nothing separate you two. Jared was in love more than ever and in a short time you find out that you are pregnant;Jared almost faint when hear it,Shannon started to talk about how will teach his nephew to beat at drums and pick up chicks;Tomo said that he will offer to cook for you because a pregnant woman don't have to make anything but Vicki cut it off saying that he always forgot to put some is funnier and unpredictable,aren't so?

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