Chapter 36: Sleeping Prince

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She stalked down the halls to where Eglanor laid, they told her they had moved him to his own room. She didn't want to think about the possibility of him staying in there forever. Meathil walked with purpose, every step counted, making sure she pumped enough hope through her veins to survive the travel. Enough hope, like there was such a thing, all she could do was pray that he was okay. She felt the hard floor beneath her feet, her armor clanked and banged together. There was no time to change, she just had to see him. She walked so fast that her heart rate was sky rocketing, her breath control slowly being lost. By the time she reached the threshold to his room she was completely out of breath. When she glanced in she felt her heart flutter with happiness, but then be calmed by the sickening reality in front of her. A guard, she assumed it was Syson, stood next to bed where Eglanor was still resting. 

"He is safe, and well protected captain. But, I'll give you a moment," he spoke quietly as his body passed her to outside of the room. She was alone with him Eglanor laid before her, his self in a peaceful slumber. When she looked at him her heart felt clamped up, for not being able to do anything, for not being able to see it. She blamed herself for what happened, if she had just protected him better from the queen, it wouldn't have happened. It wouldn't...have happened. Tears ran down her cheeks, if....if only she'd seen it, been there. There was a chair next to the bed he was on, she sat down and took his left hand gently in both her hands. 

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Eglanor. If only I was stronger, then I could have prevented this." She felt the tears drop onto her hands, her eyes glanced down and saw the array of rings presented on her hands. A ring for being a captain, one from her father, one from her mother, one for graduating from training....and one from Eglanor. The ring was made of a gorgeous metal that held a violet gem in the middle, it was right were he had put it a year ago. It was the day of her fifteenth birthday, the day she also made him her informant. He had been so sweet and so dang awkward back then, he was still kind, but his teenage self was more fun to watch get flustered. He always tried to impress her, and still did, even though he knew very well that he didn't need to. "Eglanor, I wish you could've seen it, the happiness between Deigil and Eredhelil. How joyous everything was after the queen was gone. Although there was quite a bit of damage to the castle and to the bracket. Hatolel is doing okay, you probably don't know what happened to her right." She sniffled laughing a bit. "She got attacked by the queen, and it was really bad, but you know she pulled thorough. And Hyril and Thennil are helping everyone get to a safe spot to rest. Pengeth shattered her ankle under a falling part of the ceiling. Oh! The ceiling was falling because Eredhelil used up all her magic to kill the queen, yah I know epic family problems. They seem so insignificant to my own right?" She kept going, telling him all about how the princess won against the queen, and how the kingdom was now saved because of it. "I wish you could've been there to see the princess's face after Deigil proposed to her, she looked like she could explode with happiness." Her hands squeezed his even tighter, hoping for some movement, any movement. But, there was nothing, no reponse to what she was saying. "I wish you were there to see it Eglanor, I really wish you were there." She leaned over his body and kissed his forehead, it was still warm, which made her happy to know he was healthy. Something started flashing, pictures, images flowed in her head, his head. His forehead glowed, so did her's, what was going on? 

They got proposed! I didn't see that one coming. Poor Pengeth I hope she can get healed properly, I wish I was there. If only I could get out of this state, dang. I'm glad everyones okay, I just wish I could talk to her. 

What was going on?

She is so close, but I can't open my eyes to see her gorgeous eyes, her beautiful hair, her perfect smile. I can't make sure she laughs all the time, I wish I could. 

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