2-The Schyler Sisters

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Authors Note: Sorry for not updating in like I don't know a million years. XD but someone wanted another chapter so hear it is! ALSO CAN WE APPRECIATE SEXY LAFAYETTE AT THE TONYS. but here is chapter two
- SmolCat

You Kinda panicked when your Father left the room. Lafayette was silent only for a few seconds, before he spoke "Are you ready?" His accent made you melt inside as you blushed a deep red. "S-sure" you stuttered to get your words out. Lafayette grabbed your hand and lead you to the Carraige.


The Ride suddenly came to and end and you stepped out the Carriage. You saw Lafayette look away as he took your hand and lead you to House door. You knocked on the Door as Angelica swung open the Door. " (y/n)!! Your hear! It's nice to see you" Angelica glanced at Lafayette and winked at you,you blushed as you hurried inside the house. Once you got inside you saw Alexander, At the Table, sitting with Eliza. For a long time you had feelings for Alexander, but didn't want to break Eliza's heart by stealing him away from her Helpless soul. "(Y/n)! Hello! It's nice to see you!" Eliza greeted you with a smile. Alexander waved at you, aware of your past feelings you guys didn't talk much around Eliza. You sat down in a Chair as you cleared your throat and spoke,"Mr.Lafayette is very Handsome" you looked down as, Alexander almost choked on his own words "Lafayette??! That's one of my best friends!" Alexander screamed in excitement. Eliza looked at you curiously with a smirk.

OK IM SORRY I TEIED TO MAKE THIS CHAPTER LONGER BIT IDEK. I hope you guys enjoyed! Also I love ending chapters with cliff Hangers! I'll be updating in a few days!


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