true colors

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    I was walking home my headphones blastin and my mind at ease. I have not been in a good mood lately I haven't got much sleep my body hurt and I'm aggravated. I hear snowflake again. I ain't got time for this. I keep walking I grab my mothers necklace to calm me down. I close my eyes. I hear them speed up and I run off I'm really not tryna deal with them. I get pulled and slammed to a wall.

"Why you running bitch" I look up to see Nick and Rodney. Dammit.

"She scare you little bitch" Rodney says. I grab my necklace and close my eyes keeping my temper under control. 

"Awh ya little white mommy gave it to u" Rodney teases. Nick tried rips it off my neck I see red. I get up.  I close my eyes rip off my necklace and shove it in my pocket. I start to walk off.

"Thats why i fuck ya mom last night"Rodney says. I stop. He hit it right there. I turn look at him. He is smirking.

"What you gonna do something" Rodney walks up to me and my fist quickly jabs him in the nose his head shots back. Nick get in and I swing connecting with his jaw. Next punch hit him in the gut then I kick him in the legs he fall. I send him blow after after blow dead to his face. His eye is swollen his nose is gushing. I get up and drag Nick by his shirt I kick him in the ribs multiple times. I slam his face into my knee and throw him against the wall kicking him. I hear Nick get up I get him each hit was a body shot. I feel arms pull me off him.I kick who every it is.

"Dammit Marco help me" I hear a voice instantly knowing it was Miranda's brother. I get pulled off and off the street and into his house. I break away in the house. I see Miranda come out the back room and sees me.

"Whoa babes what happen" she says. Walking up to me. I walk away to the backroom. I laid down on the bed and calmed my breathing.

"Adrian"Miranda says and gets on the bed beside me. She lays my head on her chest she twirls my hair and runs her hands through it. I close my eyes instantly relaxing. I listen to her heart beat my anger melts away.  Music comes on and I hear her soft voice sing to the music. I drift to sleep.


    Adrian fell asleep on me. She is so gorgeous when she sleep it ain't even funny. I stroke her hair. She was pissed when she came in here and I saw blood on her knuckles. I knew she had been fighting. I wonder with who and what they do to push her over. She doesn't usually go off like that. I look on her neck to see her moms necklace is gone. I reach in her pocket and get it out. Its broken.  Damn that's what they did  to push her over. Even though her parents didn't approve of her sexuality she still loved them to death. I sigh. It really pisses me off the extremes people go through to make someone else feel bad. I get tired but they keep fucking trying like damn chill. Adrian always had haters who would push her down she let them at one point and it pushed her to a dark area. But she bounced back its like something or someone brought her down again. I shake my head I'm not bout to try and figure out she'll tell me sooner or later. I get a text from Raven oh I forgot I had a date with her. I check myself in the mirror my hair is pinned to the side. I have on a red shirt that highlighted my titties. I wearing black jeans and red pumps. I kiss Adrianna on the cheek. I go outside and Raven's car. I get in.

          We go to this really nice. We are seated. I love talking to Raven she is a sweet heart. Raven excuses herself to the bathroom and I see Nicole come in my anger boils. Nicole walks up to this stud and kiss her. Oh hell no she cheating on Adrian. I get up and walk up to her.

"This is what you do" I tap her shoulder. She turns her face falls.

"Yeah bitch ya ass caught" I say with attitude.

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