Play End: The Fall Of The House Of The Past

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When I opened my eyes, I am surrounded by whiteness.

It took me a few moments to understand what had happened just now, and I ran around the white void, searching for a way to escape. But there were none.

I was beginning to think that it was some sort of hell when Yuri appeared out of nowhere, right in front of me. She looked unhurt, save for a tiny scratch on the side of her cheek.

"Where are we? Am I dead? Are Souji and Sanan..." I asked.

"We're in between dimensions." Eri walked into my view. "You are dead. Souji and Sanan are dead." He looked at his sister.

Yuri waved her hands as if something smelt bad. "Oh, yeah, you guys are dead now, just that Souji's even more dead." She chuckled at her own joke that didn't make any sense to me. "You killed Sanan though, and then your own demon powers consumed you." Her eyes glowed. "Don't you know that revenge always backfires?" She sighed in exasperation. "Geez, humans." She proceeded to explain calmly that I was losing a lot of blood after gutting myself, and I'd used up all my demon powers destroying Sanan's body. The way she described how I had ripped him into shreds made me cringe. Was that really me?

When she was finished, I collapsed to the ground, exhausted. " what?"

Yuri made eye contact with her brother. "Well, we have good news for you, Jun-chan. When you died, you managed to go through the portal. We're in between dimensions now to see you off." She winked at me. "Congrats."

I doubted that it was good news, considering that Souji had died because of me. My eyes brimmed with tears, and I resisted the urge to bawl in front of the twins.

"Another piece of good news," Eri interrupted. "Our father has decided to grant you two wishes as an apology of Yuri's fatal mistake." He eyed the pouting Yuri.


"May I add something?" Yuri clapped her hands. "The wishes that we offer you can only affect the future, not the past. So we can't bring back the dead."

It seemed that she had read my mind easily. I sighed in disappointment, wiping away the tears in my eyes.

"First wish." Eli raised a finger at me.

It took me a few seconds to think of one."I wish to forget everything in this past," I blurted. "When I wake up, I want to have absolutely no memory of...everything." If I had remembered my time with the Shinsengumi, I had a feeling that I would not be able to move on, especially with Souji's case. Forgetting the happy and painful memories, as much as I didn't want to, would be great.

"Easy peasy!" Yuri snapped her fingers. "Are you sure, though?" When I nodded in determination, she smiled pitifully. "We'll erase your memories then. No regretting it--next wish!"

I thought for a moment, and felt my throat form a bitter lump when Souji came into my mind.

"I want...I want Okita Souji to be reincarnated."

Once again, Yuri rolled her eyes at me. "This is an inappropriate wish. Our father wanted to give him a chance since he had been involved in this bullshit." She glared at the whiteness. "Though the whole past and future would have to be rewritten again--what a bother."

"Because of you," Eri added, earning a glower from his sister.

"Then..." I trailed off. "How about this wish?" When the siblings finished staring daggers at each other, they turned their attention to me.

"If we do meet in the future, I want Souji to hate me."

The twins blinked in shock, and then recovered. They smiled sadly at each other again, exchanging some slient sentences before turning to me.

"Your wishes are our command, Akamine Jun." Yuri and Eri said in unison, and then my entire world was filled in blackness.


My throat hurts like hell.

I can't open my eyes, but I feel something covering my nose and mouth, like a mask. Something that feels oddly like needles have pierced through my skin.

I want water badly.

I try to let out a groan to get some attention, but I can't make any sound. Instead, I move my fingers, wanting to feel for a glass of water. My heavy limbs ache, and I let out a whimper.

Beside me, there is a shuffling noise, and a familiar voice yelps, almost in relief.

"Oh! She-she's moving! Get the doctor! Get the doctor!"

There are more shuffling noises, and then footsteps come into the room. Someone opens my eyes, and I wince at the sudden brightness.

"Ugh..." I start, moving my tired limbs to my face. I find myself staring into a man in white coat. Is he a doctor? Why do I even need a doctor?

He pushes up his glasses and looks at the machine next to my bed in bewilderment. "This...this is a miracle--a true miracle." He glances down at me. "Can you see me, Jun-san?" When I groggily nod, he raises a finger and asks what I see. After I reply correctly, my exhausted father lets out a sigh of relief and glances in relief at my servant, Yamada. The two middle-aged men have dark circles under their eyes, and both seem skinnier than normal. Yamada has tears in his eyes, and he is wiping them away with a white handkerchief.

"You are in the hospital now. Someone pushed you down the stairs and you hit your head, causing you to be in a coma state." The doctor taps his pen on a clipboard, his black eyes shining through the lens. "Yesterday, we thought you couldn't make it--your organs were shutting down. And now..." He glances at me up and down, grinning. "Look at you!"

I blink. Oh, right. That boy acting as the servant pushed me down the stairs, and I blacked out.

And then...what?

I feel like I'm forgetting something important yet painful, but everytime I am about to reach to that memory my head hurts.

"Where's mom?" I croak, looking around the room slowly.

Yamada glances at my father, who manages to mask any emotion from his expression. "You should rest first, Jun. You are still recovering."

It had been a long time ever since my own father had looked at me in such a concerned manner, not to mention calling my name. After a moment staring into his brown eyes, I decide to listen to him.

"All right." My eyes, despite my best efforts, are beginning to flutter. "You have to tell me everything when I wake up." Soon, I drift into the peaceful nothingness, oblivious to whatever that is waiting in the future.



Aaaaaaaand this is the end! Finally I completed this series! *clap* So I've posted the prologue of the aftermath of this story, named Transferred Into Hakuou!? . If you're interested to see what happened after Jun wakes up, check it out! Here's the synopsis/summary:

Having just awakened from her long slumber, Akamine Jun immediately regrets ever waking up. She feels as if there is something important missing in her life, and whenever she thinks about it she gets a panic attack.That aside, Jun finds out that her small family is involved in two scandals--her actress mother running away with another man, and her scriptwriter father in love with his mistress. She becomes even more agitated when he brings his mistress, Okita Mitsu home, and Jun refuses to acknowledge her presence in the house. 

Things turn upside down when Mitsu's younger brother, Souji, decides to move in with them, and ever since they met he torments Jun day and night. As much as Jun hates him, she can't deny the fact that she feels a connection to Okita Souji, the sadistic demon who refuses to give her a rest.Jun thinks that nothing could possibly go worse than that until her father transfers her into Souji's school--Hakuou High, an once all-boys' school which recently changed into a mixed one.

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Thank you so much, readers, for all your undying support!!!

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