Kakashi-sensei's Daughter?! (Sasuke Uchiha)

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Kikyonkitchi(kikyo) Micki Hatake

age: 12

likes: her mum, cat and sisters, anime, and soba/ramen

dislikes: almost everything

hobbies; music, art, sports, training, drama/acting and dancing


eyes:perfectly deep blue

hair: raven black/purple

skin: snow white

body shape: perfect


combat boots = black

cargo pants = black

tank top = (what do you think?) black

arm warmers = black/white stripes

arm bands = black

skull clip = black with white skull

mask = black like kakashi's

headband = black, on pants

personality: like kakashi, even reads 'make out paradise' only difference between her and kakashi is that kakashi shows emotion.

mom: mikskuni hanafumi

dad: kakashi hatake(NO! it's the easter Bunneh!(bunny) :P jk)

siblings: none

hieght: shorter than sasuke, taller than sakura

wieght: 60lbs(i know, sad right?)

living: Wyandotte, Michigan

other: doesn't know her father, mom is deceased and has adopted mum+ two sisters, watches naruto the anime.


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