Chapter 1

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My alarm clock goes filling the quiet room with its loud noise. I wake up stretching my arms ready for the first day of high school to begin. To be specific my last year of high school, though my sister, Anna, will only be in her second year.

"Be yourself, always, and everyone will except you as who you are." My mothers last words replaying in my head before she left along with my father on a business trip. Sadly their was a sudden ship wreck sinking the boat and my parents along with it. I have never been the same since then.

I look at the time, and grin. My alarm clock never fails. Its exactly 6:30, that's enough time before my bus comes at 7:30. I get enough time to do the normal morning essentials, while at 7:00 I have to wake up Anna, since she is not a morning person.


"Anna, its time to wake up." I casually say, carefully knocking on her door opening it just a crack. "Mmmm." I hear her moan obviously anonymous that today is the first day of school. Her hair in a jumbled mess as usual. I giggle a bit at the image and decide to jolt awake "Today is the first day of school." I say hoping it would cause her to snap out of her LaLa land.

"Ahh, first day of school." she mumbles unconsciously. "Wait, first day of school!" she yells and I close her door laughing a bit hearing all the shuffling.

I go down stairs and make myself some cereal and wait for Anna to appear, so she can start eating as well. As I expected she comes toppling down the stairs and still lands on her feet. She looks at me her eyes a thin line. "Your going to wear that?" she points to my favorite light blue 3 sizes to big sweater.

My sleeves don't reach to my hands, in my opinion its very comforting, although it is still hot outside. I'm wearing black jeans, not to skinny, they are my favorite pair of jeans anyway. In my opinion I don't understand why girls wear revealing clothing, its like they are asking to get kidnapped by a mad man who wants a toy. That's their problem, besides who are they trying to impress, Donald Trump?

I stared at Anna's outfit and than looked straight into her eyes "I always wear this, besides when do you wear crop tops." I shivered a bit weirded out. "There's nothing wrong with crop tops." Anna rolled her eyes obviously annoyed by me.

I shrugged and put my bowl into the sink, and got my keys. "Kristoff's picking you up right?" I asked opening the door. She nodded and stood up putting her bowl into the sink.

I walked out the door and into my blue Jeep. I put my bag on the passenger seat and noticed the picture of my family and I, we used to be so happy.


I arrived at school, all the information such as, locker number, classes, and etc. in my big purse. I felt my bun making sure it was secured and walked to my locker trying not to show my uneasiness. I wouldn't lie and say I wasn't nervous about this school year, I get average grades and I get treated with some respect most of the time, so I should do the same this year, but why do I feel as though something major is going to happen, that will change my life?

I got into my first class, Mr. Weselton, and like usual was early. I wasn't very fond of this teacher he usually yells at everybody, for no reason. I got a book out and soon got captivated in a land of reading.

I put my book down once the teacher started to talk and take attendance and say something about ourselves.

"Elsa Winters?" he called. I stood up to speak "He-"

I was about to say here until a boy busted into the room. I stared eye to eye with a pale guy with white hair, blue eyes, and a nice jaw line. I cleared my throat trying to control my unreadable face. "Here, and my name is Elsa winters, and I like to read." I quickly said sitting down and finally stopping the staring contest between me and that really hot dude.

"Cough, Nerd, cough." Somebody fake coughed making everybody laugh a bit.

"Settle down class, we have a new student, would you care to introduce yourself?" Mr. Weselton glared at the annoying teenagers.

When I looked at the strange boy, he seemed to have a bad boy aura surrounding him, the leather jacket, the black skinny jeans, not to mention the ear pierce in one ear. He ruffled his hair and I just decided to read my book silently.

"My name is Jack, and my last name is Frost, I moved here from Burgess, so, yeah." He chuckled. His voice was, enough to make me feel uncomfortable in my own seat.

I heard lots of whispers, mostly from girls saying things like, "Oh mah god" ,"I call dibs" ",hes hot." Or "I want some of that." That made me scrunch my face in disgust. Girls these days!

"You may take a seat next to Ms. Winters." Mr. Weselton snickered.

I quickly put my book down and looked from the empty seat to him. Why me? I put my book to my face once again and decided to ignore his presence.

I peaked at him a bit and noticed that he didn't even acknowledge my existence, that made me feel a bit insecure but I took that thought out of my head. He's just another boy, a bad boy to be specific, and I have no intentions on ever liking him, in any way.

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