The Thing That Changed Your Mind

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"Sometime I wonder if you even like me besides having sex with me." I told him as he dropped me off after we spent the night together, again. I slammed his car door in his expressionless face, and he drove off like it was nothing. The tears poured out of my eyes, as I walked up the pathway to my house, just like they always do when he drops me off.

Aaron is my mate, but he doesn't treat me like that. The only time he ever wants me is when he's bored at home, then he calls me and I end up staying at his place until he's done with me and drives me back to my house. I just want him to love me the way I love him, I want him to make my happy instead of constantly make me sad.

I'm not a whore, if you think that, I'm really not. Having sex with him is the only time he makes me feel wanted, and needed to him. He's 22 and I'm 18, we have a lot in common, we both like the same movies, resturants, games, sports, everything you can think of we do the same. Except the one thing we don't have in common, is that I'm human and he isn't. Aaron is a werewolf, and that's why he only uses me for sex. What hurts even more is that I can't even call it "making love" because he doesn't look at me with love in his eyes, he looks at me like he would to any other human.

I opened my front door and ran to my room where I hid myself from my family for the rest of the day.

I hate to admit it, but Aaron is a total d!ck. You know what's just embarressing? He won't even accept to be my friend on Facebook. I tell myself everyday that I need to forget about him and move on, but then he calls and I thinkg maybe, just maybe he's calling to tell me he's changed and he's realized how much he love me. That never happens. I always end up going and having sex with him, then he drops me back here and I hate myself for letting the cycle continue. But that's going to stop from here on out.

"Aaron James, you no longer have any control over me. I'm done."


hi guys, just a little idea I came up with. If you like it, tell me and I'll write more even though I'll probably write more if you don't just for the fun of it! haha

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