Chapter 15.

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Chapter 15.

Damien's POV.

I woke up to an empty bed. I was up in a minute and looked around for Hanna. I looked in the bathroom and throughout the house. Her scent was faint. She would have been here at least five hours ago. I growled. Where the fUck did she go?

I got dressed and went to my office.

"Did someone come by?" I asked Macy.

She shook her head. "No sir."

"FUck!" I growled and almost ran out of the office. Hanna. Her name was like a breath of fresh air. I needed her. Somehow she had got to me. That girl with her sarcasm and her lovely sense of humor.

It broke my heart to hear her cry. She was the only thing that mattered to me. Even though I didn't want a mate before this, just looking at her made me change my mind.

"Because I felt like a fUcking fUck toy!" she had yelled at me. "I feel like a booty call! Whenever you feel like please come and do whatever you want! I don't want this! I want normalcy! I want to know what the fUck is happening. You don't tell me. Your Elder won't tell me. I am supposed to do whatever the fUck you say! Why? Who are you? You aren't my mate, you aren't ---"

I know I should have told her then that she was my mate. But I was being selfish. I wanted to hold on to her a little bit longer. I wanted to make sweet love to her. But all these thought flew out of the window when the force of what she had done hit me. She left. She fucking left me!

I went to my house, her 'ex' mates house, the forest, her work place, but no avail. She hadn't been anywhere. There wasn't even a hint of her scent there.

I walked into my office around midday and Macy looked happy to see me.

"Anything?" I asked her in a no nonsense voice and she immediately got down to business.

"You got a call from the Elders Office. A new couple came by but you weren't there so they agreed to drop by later on. Oh. And someone called but they didn't talk."

I nodded and walked into my office. I needed Hanna already. I was away from her for about twelve hours and I needed her.

I ran a hand through my hair. Fuck this shit! I bloody needed her!

I left and went to the only place that came to my mind. In a very rash decision ten minutes later I found myself outside Tyler's house. I got out of the car and immediately her scent hit me. She was here. I growled under my breath. But Tyler was here too.

I rang the doorbell and waited for her to answer. A few minutes later the door was opened by Tyler. He looked surprised to see me.

"Two visits in two days?" he smirked. "Well, I'll be damned!"

I managed to crack a grin. "Actually I'm here to discuss the accounts."

Tyler was an accountant with me. But he did all his work at home. His face immediately changed.

"Any problems?" he asked.

"Can I come in?" I asked and he nodded. I walked in to see Hanna laughing on the couch, looking at the television. But her laughter died as soon as she looked up and fear crossed her face. I glared at her, making sure she understood that I was pissed at her.

"So...?" Tyler trailed off and I tore my gaze away from Hanna.

"There are actually no problems. I just wanted to tell you that you have been promoted."

His face showed pure surprise. "Promoted?!"

"Yes. You have done a commendable job." I said, trying to sound as if I actually gave a fuck.

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