Chapter 7- Thank You

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"Sure, I'll take the turkey sandwich with fries on the side and a coke", his tone was deep as he spoke carelessly.

"Make that two, oh, and we'll take the lemon curd pie as dessert. Two slices", the next guy chirped in.

"Okay, your meals with being with you shortly", I smiled, pivoted on my heels and walked away.

I sat on one of the stools completely exhausted and still had the kitchen to clean. Ralph asked me to do it since he had a date to attend. Yes, I know many of you would not have done such a favour because it's a date.

But, hey, whenever I asked Ralph to fill in for me he did it without hesitation and what are we friends for? Style- hell no!

I dipped my head into the palms of my hand and sighed. I am so tired at the moment I feel as if I could collapse. I heard something click and my head snapped to the entrance door of the cafè where a man in a suit stood. Immediately, I was utterly shocked and my heart wanted to tear open in my chest. I gasped out loud and almost fell over the stool only to have my vision focus given that I was beyond shock again.

What is this? Are you trying to kill me tonight God?

Ian stood there staring at me.

"Mr. Elliot?" I found my voice. He seemed to snap out of his trance and walk to me.

"What are you doing here at this hour?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing, Avelyn", his voice was deep and rough yet calm.

The air suddenly stiffened if possible and I was utterly on alert mode.

Avelyn it is then...

I blinked and somehow recognised the lump in my throat. I swallowed...but everything was in a daze. Ian showing up here and seeing me then my exhaustion and what was clicking into my brain was the fact that I forgot to lock the door. I walked to the door but then I looked over at him.

"It's past opening hour, we're actually closed", I informed him without meeting his face as I faced the door, though his eyes were on me...I could feel it.

"The sign says open and I am in need of coffee and something to eat, Avelyn", his eyes were hot and piercing on me.

Could it be too much of a distraction? I questioned sarcastically in my mind.

I finally looked up and met his eyes sucking in a brief breath.

"I forgot to lock up and change the sign...I completely forgot", I muttered the last to myself.

"That wasn't a safe move, Avelyn, someone could have entered and robbed this place. More importantly, do something harmful to you. That's an irresponsible move", his words were sharp and angry.

The tension in the air thickened and I was a bit nervous.

"I know-"

"How could you have been so irresponsible? Something could have happened to you and you're all alone, Avelyn! What if I wasn't the one walking into the cafè?" He shouted and I jumped, my eyes widening at his tone.

Was it safe to say that I was a bit scared of the angry Ian?

Seeing my reaction, he simmered down and his eyes softened before he walked towards me all at once, his eyes were trained on mine. I hadn't blinked and something was surely alluring about this moment, this man, his eyes...simply, him.

Something foreign was stirring within me and I was absolutely at a loss as to decipher what it was.

My heart was beating a melody so toxic, it had me breathing harshly. As he neared closer, I saw those gorgeous honey brown eyes of his. They were mesmerising...truly. Ian kept staring at me and I saw how his lips worked.

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