Chapter 7- Thank You

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-Hard Rock Cafè

If I couldn't be more of a zombie well it's the make-up that is lying because, at the moment, I feel everything of such. My hair is in a messy high ponytail whilst I just threw on a jean with a simple plain pink cotton top. It's only nine thirty and I am at the diner waiting tables.

Tonight is busy with customers given that Mr. Quil had a new menu put in and the locals are gushing in. Mr. Quil had called me out on night shift and we'll be here till one. Well, truth be told, one in the morning is just the closing time but for Ralph and me, we're here for approximately two.

We've got to clean up and then ensure the food and veggies are packed away and everything is spotless, ready for opening tomorrow at six. It's crazy how a mediocre cafè can have such an attraction. Many of the locals come here on a daily basis for pickups and brunch, even so, I can see this cafè turning into a hotspot. Most of our busy days we serve almost one hundred and fifty customers and judging by the new menu Mr. Quil had devised, tonight is going to be chaotic.

I just hope I can get up in the morning...

I silently prayed.

"Avelyn! Get back to work", Mr. Quil's Mexican accent came to my ears and I snapped out from my thoughts.

Tables one to nine was full and already served so I walked over to table ten where there were two men along with three women seated. They looked like those young adults from those movies with the killer updo and the punk fashion. The blonde girl with black eyes looked over at me and rolled her eyes whilst her friends ignored me.

Come now Avelyn, this is where we count on our professionalism.

"Goodnight; welcome to Hard Rock cafè, what can I get for you all tonight?"

I usually welcome the day to day customers with 'what can I get for you?' but seeing that they are new, I chose otherwise.

Meanwhile, a small smile placed upon my lips.

"Hmm, is there anything on the menu that is vegan?" The raven head one with blue eyes asked whilst the guy next to her was grinning at me.


"I am sorry but everything on this menu is either vegetarian or contains milk, eggs and soy".

I glanced at the rest of them as they seemed to carry this stuck-up aura with and around them.

A perfect scene from Another Cinderella Story...wait was it 'Another' or 'A' Cinderella?

Anyways, where Sam was waiting for a table with the presence of her unexpected future boyfriend. Although, I don't think any of these boys could be my future boyfriend. I could hardly entertain myself much less for another human being.

"You should close down. What sense does it make that you don't have anything to sell a customer", blondie with the black eyes expressed with a snobbish tone.

"This is our menu and it is what we make and sell to our customers. I am sorry that we don't have vegan meals but I do know that there are many diners other than ours that has vegan meals. So if you're interested in being at this cafè then you can sit and politely not make impolite remarks about the place unless you'd like to be escorted out of it", I spoke fluently and calmly.

"Is there anything else I can get for you?"

Baam! Take that girl!

Oh yes, I was doing my happy dance in my mind. Call me crazy but I loathe when girls have such an attitude. One of the guy laughed at her and then looked at me.

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